4 Ways to Revive Your Stagnant Career

Sadly, 85% of the workforce worldwide view their workplace negatively or have no emotional connection to it. You know career stagnation is setting in when your current job doesn’t give you the scope to learn and grow, you barely see salary increases, you’re no longer praised, and you regularly feel bored and unmotivated. So, what do you do when this happens?

Acknowledging that your career has stalled is a great first step toward making changes to rejuvenate your professional life. The good news is, you can shift the gears and turn your career around. Here are some smart tips to get your career going again.

Consider Moving On

Have you been overlooked for a promotion even after giving your all? Do you dread the thought of going to work? If things are that bad, it’s time to update your CV and think about moving on. Perhaps a change of environment is what you need after spending years in the same organization, especially if you feel you haven’t made any progress.

Working in a workspace where you’re unhappy may soon lead to a dip in performance and problems with your boss. The resume writing experts at Resume Pilots note that creating an effective resume that will get past an applicant tracking system and impress every hiring manager takes more than just a few updates on your career progress and experience. Partnering with a professional resume writing service will help you highlight your key strengths and expertise.

Set Goals for the Future

You can’t really tell whether you have outgrown your goals or made progress if you haven’t laid out a plan. So, start setting goals. When mapping out a plan, ask yourself what it is that you really want. Is it a raise? A promotion? New responsibilities? Or do you want to be part of the company’s top leadership team?

Break down the goals into small steps, and start pursuing them right away. Getting specific with your goals and setting timelines will help you track your accomplishments, avoid distractions, and keep your sights on the main prize.

Polish Your Skills or Learn Something New

You may be a pro in what you do, but there’s always something new you can learn to become even better at your job. Career success heavily depends on your willingness to explore new skills. The good thing is that there are plenty of resources available online, and you don’t need to part with a lot of money to add new skills to your repertoire.

Learn the latest trends in your industry by following industry-specific news and blogs and watching tutorial videos. Participate in webinars and local professional meet-ups, and register for online supplemental courses and certifications. The more you learn, the more you’ll be able to handle tasks other employees can’t — and the organizational leadership will begin to notice you.

Build a Professional Support System

When it comes to developing your career, you’ll need a team of trusted advisors: peers, mentors, close friends, and people who have good connections. The more you consult and meet up with these people, the more you learn and grow. You can tap into these professional relationships to review your goals, learn about new job openings, and meet influential people in your industry.

To expand your professional circle, network both inside and outside your company. Attend conferences, seminars, trade shows, volunteer events, and alumni association gatherings to make more contacts. Don’t forget to join a social network such as LinkedIn to connect with more professionals in your industry.

Infuse Some Energy into Your Career

If you are increasingly getting frustrated with your career because of a lack of progress, it’s time to strategize. Instead of crossing your fingers and waiting for a raise or promotion, start using your free time to plan for the future. Learn new skills, enroll in a course, set specific goals, connect with other professionals, and get advice from your mentors. Integrating these steps into your journey will take your career to the heights you desire.

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