5 Careers Directly Impacted by the Quality of a Smile

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. In some cases, it can even make or break your job prospects. Many professionals seek out professional smile makeover services just to remain competitive in industries where a picture-perfect smile is paramount. The following are just some of the jobs in which your pearly whites can make all the difference.

1. Reporters and News Anchors

If you want to thrive in front of the camera as part of the television news media, you typically need to meet a certain aesthetic standard. While it may or may not be fair, employers in this field understand that you’re going to have thousands—and in some cases millions—of eyes on you every day. If you’re going to be sitting behind the news desk, the smile is especially important. It promotes trust and confidence. Conversely, a poor smile can distract from the news segment.

2. Entertainment Professionals

As with reporters and news anchors, this all comes down to being the center of attention. The entertainment field is highly competitive, and talent scouts and casting agents are looking for a face that can sell. While there will always be a place for character faces that don’t meet the conventional aesthetic, an attractive smile can nevertheless open doors. In addition, the star of the show is usually someone who can captivate the audience with their smile. This holds true whether we’re talking about television, film, theater, or even the music industry.

3. Luxury Goods Salespeople

Selling is all about winning over the customer, and winning over the customer requires an award-winning smile. This is especially true for luxury brands, where the stakes are higher and the customer needs to be convinced to lay down thousands of dollars of their hard-earned money. When you’re dealing in luxury cars, watches, electronics, or fashion, there’s absolutely no room for compromise: Your attire must be exquisite, your pitch must be a slam-dunk, and your smile must connect with the customer on a visceral level.

4. Receptionists

If you’re working as a receptionist for a respected enterprise, you have a monumental responsibility on your hands. For clients, customers, collaborators, and other important guests who pass through the doors of the business, you are the first impression. You need to be professional, knowledgeable, and warm, and your smile is critical. It may just help your business to land that next big account.

5. Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs in the startup space are realizing more and more that it’s not enough to simply have a good idea. If you want to carve your place in the business landscape, you need to have incredible networking skills. If you want to impress venture capitalists and angel investors, secure valuable partnerships, and negotiate the best deals, the power of persuasion must be on your side. Once again, it all starts with a smile. A survey by Kelton Research found that people with a good smile are perceived as being more successful, intelligent, and financially stable, and these are all qualities you want to exude as you navigate the aggressive business landscape.

So next time you venture out to conquer the world, don’t forget to show off that million-dollar smile. It just might lead to something amazing.

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