5 of the Best Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) for 2021

To run a successful business, most people need to be customer-centric and data-driven. There are options to help the business run smoothly. Common data engines are Marketing Cloud and CRM.

A CDP is a popular way to go, but what is CDP (Customer Data Platform)? A CDP is software that uses a unified and updated profile of each customer. The data in the system builds off interactions across different devices and platforms. A CDP even allows different customer data systems to trade data back and forth. While CDPs are a newer technology, they are already central to the best customer experiences.


ActionIQ surrounds themselves with the right people. Their advisory board holds leaders from successfully run businesses, so they already understand how to achieve success. The team at the firm knows how to be ambitious with startup ideas. They have over 100 years of experience combined. Their clients and partners can expect experiences, analytics, marketing, and big data. Their team and culture use top technology to allow some of the biggest companies to reach their true potential.

There are several things that ActionIQ do with their marketing technology to stand out. The firm allows itself to work at the speed of a startup and learn new things constantly. They innovate everything they learn into newer services and products. Clients and partners both know they can trust their ideas. They have an excellent track record of helping large organizations solve hundreds of the toughest problems. Their clients reach their goals, no matter how ambitious. ActionIQ also stays completely transparent. If they can solve the problem with their technology, they will tell the client what they need to do.


Emarsys uses its omnichannel customer engagement platform to help business owners and digital marketing leaders reach their goals. There are over 800 employees in over 13 global locations. They take the business owners’ desires and align them with their omnichannel customer strategies to create the best experience. There are over 1,500 clients that trust them to create unique, profitable outcomes to the business problems. The company handles over 10 billion personalized interactions per month, and its clients’ database has over 5 billion contacts.

Emarsys communicates with its different departments to solve every problem head-on. Their team believes in what they do and is passionate. They use the best products available and never cut corners for results. Their customers are the reason for the existence of the firm. They are constantly learning new things and using that knowledge to innovate the business.

Insider Growth Management Platform

Insider has a growth management platform that AI controls. They deliver personalized customer experiences through their omnichannel system. The system uses apps, email, web, mobile, and various other advertising channels to enhance company-wide growth. The company handles many situations for its clients, which include activation, revenue, retention, and acquisition.

Insider Growth Management Platform uses purchases, behaviors, traits, events, and predicted behavior to build the audience base. There is a 360-degree view of customers using first-party and third-party information. The AI power helps guide online visitors to buy more from the client company. There is a journey builder that clients can use to view the entire buying journey of their customers.


Listrak’s customer data platform has a cross-channel orchestration that allows data-driven journeys for retailers on multiple channels. The platform offers marketing tools through email, messaging, social campaigns, mobile push, web, and direct mail. There are over 1,000 retailer clients that are working with them already.

Listrak uses the platform to allow their clients to have a personalized customer tracker. The Unified 360-degree customer profile collects needed information across multiple channels. Several key parts collect information on retail customers. The sections include behavioral-based triggers, customer insights, predictive personalization, and Growth Xcelerator Platform.

SalesForce Interaction Studio

SalesForce Interaction Studio is a new Marketing Cloud solution that delivers customer experiences through multiple channels for companies. The real-time behavior includes customer interactions through mobile, social campaigns, and email. A unique feature that allows this firm to stand out includes in-store channels and kiosks. The tracker works instantly when a customer interacts with a specific brand before contacting the store, either online or in-store. With the added context, Marketing Cloud offers the best customer experiences to its clients.

SalesForce Interaction Studio offers the same great campaign orchestration for tracking customers. Marketing Cloud Journey Builder is for clients to see a customer’s full journey while making a purchase. Real-time management allows companies to see how their customers interact with products on various marketing channels. Lifecycle insights allow clients to understand customer interaction trends. Companies can visualize the analytics of the engagements of their customers.

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