5 Things Your Vet Startup Needs in 2021

Have you just spent several years studying to be a veterinarian and now you want to set up your own practice?

Kudos on your diligence and determination — setting up any type of business in the current environment requires bags of self-belief!

However, to give yourself the best chance possible of success, chances are that a few tips to help you succeed wouldn’t go amiss. So without further ado, here are five things your vet startup needs in 2021.

1. Animals (and owners)

In all seriousness, you’ll definitely need customers of the four-legged, furry, and feathered variety, so grabbing the attention of the humans that care for them is crucial.

Digital marketing is usually more affordable than traditional TV, radio and print ads, and often more effective. Contact a good digital agency to help get you started, but this SEO basics guide from Moz is an eye-opener!

2. Vets

To provide a robust vets service that can care for an entire community or neighborhood, you’ll need some colleagues to help take the strain — vets who could become practice partners and support staff who will help the place run smoothly, in other words.

Another option is joining a conglomerate like vetPartners, which is already an established brand and wide network, but the choice is yours if you’d rather remain entirely independent.

3. Allergy partners

Whether you’re specializing in equine, canine, feline or avian pet care, some of the most common complaints are concerned with allergies.

With that in mind, an allergy partner in practice like Avacta Animal Health can become an excellent collaborator that helps you offer the best suite of products possible to your customers. With a good partner in place, you can feel confident when pets come through your door with the animal equivalents of coughs, sneezes and rheumy eyes.

4. Premises

Current circumstances notwithstanding, a dedicated physical premises is still the only way to offer clients the full range of health treatments which are necessary for caring for different types of pets.

You’ll have to weigh up your budget with what’s available and decide whether a premises in a town centre or rural area out of town is more suitable for your target clients and also consider whether there’s enough room to extend should your practice expand.

5. Virtual appointments

It’s viable for many potential animal conditions to be diagnosed virtually, via mobile phone, at least on the basis of an initial appointment with the possibility of an in-person follow-up appointment if necessary.

You and your partners will need to undertake some training naturally, and ensure that you have the relevant tech and a reliable internet connection — for inspiration, take a look at how the Animal Trust organizes virtual appointments.

Consider these five tips and your vet startup can be a positive and prosperous part of the local community in 2021 — you can thank us later!

Have we missed your favorite vet startup tip? Please share it in the comments section.

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