6 Effective Exercises for Better Eye Health at Work

In today’s active world, our eyes also have to be constantly active and subject to unnecessary stress, especially when we work in an office. We read a lot; spend a lot of time in front of the screens of phones, computers, and other gadgets. This can cause not only eye fatigue and vision problems, but also headaches and glaucoma.

Since it is impossible to shield yourself from the computer screen at the office completely, it is worth taking a break and doing special eye exercises. You do not have to move from your seat. Just sit there and practice some exercises to relax your eyes.

In this article, we’ve selected effective eye exercises to help you relax your eyes at the office and also gathered some causes of poor eye health.

Causes of Eye Strain

  • Working in Dim Light: If your workstation’s lighting is dim, you have to get it adjusted before it harms your eyesight.
  • Working Too Closely to Computer Screen: Do not move closer to the screen to read something. In this way, the light will directly affect your eyes.
  • Party Night: If you like to party and spend most of the nights drinking alcohol, your eye’s health is under a great threat. Alcohol will cause dryness of the eyes that can affect your vision. But the journey to sobriety can help you save yourself.
  • Working Without Pause: Take a 5-to-10-minute break and do some exercises during this time. It will help to relax your eyes.
  • Malnutrition: Poor nutrition also affects your eyes. Raw carrots work effectively in this regard.

Exercises for Relaxing Your Eyes

1. Preparatory Exercise

It improves blood circulation around the eyes and prepares them for exercise. Alternatively, soak a towel in warm water and place it over your face to cover your eyebrows, eyes, and cheeks. Change it to a cold towel after three minutes. If desired, you can apply the compress several times.

But you should always end the procedure with a cold towel. Then massage your face: gently wipe all parts of your face with a warm towel, except for the eyes. Lightly pat them with your fingertips.

If this is not possible at the office, you can do a separate eyelid massage. For a couple of minutes, massage your closed eyes with gentle circular movements, without pressing on the eyeballs. Then you can proceed to the main exercises.

2. Rotation

Eye exercises (directed at the eyeball) are very effective. In addition, with regular exercise, they strengthen the eye muscles. These exercises can even improve the shape of the eyes. You can do it easily while sitting or standing, as you like. The main thing is that the shoulders should be relaxed, keep the neck straight, and look forward.

First look to the right, then slowly move your gaze to the ceiling, then close your eyes for a second. Now look to the left and then at the floor. Repeat this workout clockwise, then counterclockwise. The time for this exercise is two minutes and two sets of ten reps.

3. Using Palms

Rub your hands for a few seconds until they are warm/energized. Then put your palms to your eyes. Your fingers should be on your forehead, and your wrists should be on your cheeks. However, do not press your hands directly to the eyeballs; just create a kind of cave in front of your eyes. Then close your eyelids and relax, imagine as if your eyes absorb the darkness, feed on it.

They also recharge from the warmth and energy of the hands. You should feel relaxation, softness in your eyes, and general calmness. You can hold your hands for 30 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on how much you need to reach the recommended state. By the way, before you open your eyes, first remove your hands from your face, and only then open up to the world.

4. Concentrate on Moving Finger

Before starting the exercise for the eyes, relax your body, and breathe evenly. Extend one hand in front of you in a free fist, keep your thumb up. Concentrate all your attention on it and nothing else. So you don’t get distracted.

Without taking your eyes off your finger, gradually bring it closer to your face, until you can no longer focus on it. Then stop, take a couple of deep breaths and move your finger back to the starting position. The attention should only be on it. Repeat the movement with your finger ten times.

5. Focusing on Distant Object

It is necessary to focus on some distant object; it is easier to do this if it does not move. You can look at the back closet if you are in a large room, or out the window at a distant home. Focus on the subject as much as possible. But in no case strain your eyes and face.

Take a deep breath, and then slowly move your gaze to another, equally distant object. Imagine that your eyes are absorbing the image you see. Keep looking at the objects around you (which are at different distances). Stop your gaze at each for a few seconds. Do eye exercises for 3-5 minutes.

6. Figure-Eight Exercise

Imagine that about 2-3 meters away from you there is a large figure-eight (or infinity sign) object on the floor. And you need to circle it with your eyes along all the lines and curves. Do this way first in one direction, then in the other. You need to do it 2-3 times.


Our eyes get tired, too, like our body. And if you do not pay attention to their well-being, soon your vision will start to deteriorate. It is better that while working on a computer at the office, you take some time out for your eye exercises. It will not only help to relax your eyes but also help to keep your mind off the work.

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