6 Outside Services Commonly Used by Home-Based Businesses

Most people starting a home-based business are driven by a desire to be independent and self-sufficient. While there’s no doubting the difficulties in running a business by yourself, it’s almost impossible to do it all on your own. At the end of the day, you’ll likely be relying on outside services to help.

The following are six outside services commonly used by home-based businesses:

Print Services

Do you have a printer at home? If so, it’s probably an inkjet meant for small batches of standard-sized printed sheets of paper. Unfortunately, many businesses rely on a wide variety of print materials used for advertising and other purposes. Rather than invest in thousands of dollars of specialized printers, many home-based business owners opt for managed print services done by an outside company. It’s a simple way to save big on the cost of printing. It’s also a convenient way to obtain high-quality print materials in a short amount of time.

Information Technology

Whether it’s cloud management, cybersecurity, or database administration, most small businesses need some form of IT service. Traditionally, these services were done in-house by IT specialists on staff, but that’s unfeasible for most small businesses, especially those operating out of a private residence. The alternative is to outsource these IT tasks. Many companies provide B2B IT at affordable monthly pricing, making it an effective way to ensure your business’s digital infrastructure runs on all cylinders without vulnerabilities.


Accurate documentation of financial information is essential for business success. While various quality software exists for business accounting needs, these applications don’t account for user-error. In other words, if the numbers are wrong from the get-go, the software won’t provide much help. Having an outside accountant, preferably a CPA, is the best way for small businesses to understand spending and earning accuracy. An accountant helps home-based business owners do their taxes since filing will prove more complicated than receiving a W-2 from an employer.

Legal Services

Does your home-based business need a license? Is a competitor accusing you of stealing proprietary information? Has the IRS sent letters requesting financial documents? These and similar situations require the services of a business attorney. It’s best to be proactive and find a suitable business lawyer before you need one. That way, you can immediately reach out for assistance when the time comes.


Is your home-based business service-based or product-based? If it’s the latter, then business shipping will likely play a significant role. Since there are several carriers to choose from, take the time to compare rates. It’s also a good idea to use shipping software to streamline the process. In conjunction with your basic home printer, such software makes it possible to print shipping labels and get products ready to ship from your porch.


Most small business owners consider marketing to be a luxury. However, reaching out to consumers and spreading awareness about your brand is a necessity. The good news is there are marketing options suitable for almost any budget. Reaching out to digital marketing services enables home-based business owners to execute cost-effective marketing campaigns. Such efforts are crucial in the early days of your business.

Home-based business owners are highly disciplined individuals who work hard to make their way in life. However, most are not entirely self-sufficient. At some point, all home-based business owners depend on outside services.

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