A Blooming Opportunity

The uncertainty in the economy has a lot of people unsure where to go as they are starting a career, or worse, they lost their job with this sudden pandemic. Most people at the moment are looking for security and some sort of comfort within these times since many businesses are closing and many more are laying people off. This is a great time and opportunity to finally start that business and be able to work from more of a remote place than going to work all the time.

What if there was a way to make six figures and not have to have a college degree? I bet I got your attention now, don’t I? A florist who owns a shop usually makes $325,000 a year depending on location, but that is also the median profit. However, there are ways to make six figures by delivering floral arrangements as well, by not having to do events such as weddings or funerals.

Since the pandemic hit, many floral delivery businesses are doing better than they have in the years prior to the pandemic. In many ways people depend on getting flowers to their loved ones during these times to celebrate or show that they still care while in quarantine. Oddly enough, this is a leverage for the booming business, since they are allowed to drop flowers off at nursing homes and long-term care units as well as make contact-less deliveries to residents and commercial settings.

Odd was the impact that COVID-19 had on the floral business. Unlike many businesses that were closing their doors, the only impact that was affecting the floral delivery business was getting the flowers from wholesalers and having to opt for an alternative type of flower. However, most customers are okay with alternatives and are happy as long as you are able to send their loved ones flowers.

In fact, one florist stated that this year has made more of a profit than he had in past years and the week of Mother’s Day he had brought in $68,000 in profits. It was a shock that one company could still be seeing such a profit in such uncertain times. He had turned the tides against the pandemic to his own use and was able to continue his business of delivering floral arrangements and making floral arrangements.

Since the pandemic, most places have still allowed flower arrangements and people have been sending them if they can’t be with loved ones. Although other floral companies such as those that do events are not doing as well, floral arrangements are still in demand.

How did this owner take the love of flowers and produce over a six-figure income? How did his business survive since so many others had been struggling?

The owner had used a different approach since storefront companies were starting to struggle. How he did it was by being associated with a floral delivery company such as Teleflora.

There are many of these companies, such as:

  • Teleflora
  • ProFlowers
  • FTD
  • Urban Stems
  • 1-800-Flowers
  • BloomsyBox
  • Bouqs
  • From You Flowers
  • Floom

The truth is that the person didn’t even really need to work from a storefront to make six figures from the previous year and be able to own two houses, two sailboats and four cars at the age of 33. In fact, all he needed was a business, a website, to pay a fee and be able to collect as many orders as he could. Some of them do need for you to have a small storefront, but the person I am describing does not have to be there all the time. His business is almost all done on the internet.

Most of these companies have a fee that you pay either monthly or yearly to be able to have the orders sent to you. However, they also send you the material that you need to produce the arrangements as well, such as the vases or baskets.

The flowers themselves are local, and often you can get involved with a local wholesaler for flowers. This will only cost cents on the dollar compared to not buying wholesale. There are many wholesalers for flowers in most states. However, if you are not near them or they do not have the flowers or foliage you are looking for there are several also online that deliver within a couple days.

The action and idea of the floral business allowed the owner to live life to his fullest, but still produce the income he wanted. This included having time off for vacations such as sailing.

Most florists do not need a certificate or even a license, but it is recommended that they at least undergo a basic floral design program. One could also intern or work for a florist or floral company to get the basics down. They could learn how to cut flowers the proper way or how to achieve the best length for them. These skills can be used to flourish your own business by being able to produce beautiful arrangements.

Unlike many other companies, floral businesses that have online associates and a website business front do not need any face-to-face encounters with people. In fact, even when you deliver the flowers, most places have a policy where you ring the doorbell, and then step off the steps or go back to your car.

Although floral businesses are quite lucrative when it comes to profit, they are a lot of hard work since around the holidays you often get a lot more orders than one would expect and you often have to put a lot of time and energy into making floral arrangements. However, there is also the gratification that not only can you work to an income you desire, but you are also giving someone else something that brightens their day.

The opportunities are out there if you truly want a different beginning. This is the time to start something new. Get involved in something that is satisfying as well as a career that can bring in six figures without a college degree or having to go to a secondary school and pay thousands of dollars.

Many people start with flower cooler buckets and a computer with some floral tools and this is the beginning of how they live the lifestyle they want as well as become debt-free.

This is also one type of business that you can start up with less than $10,000. In fact, most people start by using the floral cooler buckets and their kitchen table. The businessperson I spoke of in the beginning started his business for less than six thousand dollars, which included: website, business filing, marketing, a walk-in fridge unit, rent of a storefront and the fee to start with the floral delivery service. Others start this kind of business up for less than a couple hundred dollars. It is all in what you can afford and maximizing the profits.

What would you do if you started a business for less than ten thousand dollars? Would you pay off debt? Would you spend time with your family? Would you buy a house or a new car? What would you do?

The opportunity is out there to make money and it doesn’t cost a fortune to start a business.

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