A Design Partnership’s Natalie Norcross Launches The Design Business Course

Natalie Norcross, former interior designer and founder of A Design Partnership is thrilled to announce the launch of The Design Business Course, which will offer interior designers and other brands in the industry the skills needed to grow their businesses and maximize their public presence. When Natalie started her design business 20 years ago, she wished she had a program that taught her how to market her business. Through the school of hard knocks, a ton of trial and error and thousands of dollars, she perfected a formula for success and created this simple actionable course to share the formula with you.

Natalie explains, “A marketing system doesn’t just make you feel better and more confident; it actually helps you grow your business, work with long-term clients that are more aligned with your values and helps you gain a better work-life balance.” With a passion and expertise for marketing and public relations, Natalie is thrilled for the opportunity to work closely with designers and other industry professionals to boost their business models to their fullest potential.

The six-week course, which will become available for a one-time purchase of $1500 on Friday, November 13th through Thursday, November 19th, is built to help designers and other professionals in the industry create, plan, promote and market their businesses clearly and effectively. Through The Design Business Course, participants will learn not only how to gain clients and maintain a stream of client leads, but will more importantly adapt the skills required to attract higher quality, like-minded clients that they genuinely enjoy working with.

Each week, beginning on Friday, November 20th, participants of The Design Business Course will go through a weekly lesson guide with easy actionable checklists, and will host live weekly Zoom Q&A sessions that provide designers with the opportunity to ask questions and create a more personalized business plan. The six lesson plans will cover the following topics: Content Marketing & Social, Email Marketing, Online Marketing/Blogs & SEO, Networking & Partnerships, Giving Back to Your Community and Getting Published. All marketing materials will be downloadable and Zoom sessions will be recorded, available for participants to refer to at any time, even after the last session takes place.

Resources distributed within each lesson include the content planner they use with their private clients, Natalie’s “Getting Published Guide,” SEO blog template swipe files and media contact lists. The Design Business Course will also offer its members bonus materials announced throughout the duration of the six weeks. With the last of the live Zoom Q&As taking place on December 30th, Natalie can help participants prepare to launch their new marketing program by the start of the new year. Launch into 2021 with a proven marketing strategy that will garner massive results.

A leading hospitality designer and long-time client of Natalie’s shares, “Natalie helped me transform my business into a marketing machine. I actually choose which clients are most aligned with my personality.” Another reflects, “Working with Natalie has been a breeze—she’s professional, informative and incredibly responsive every time we have a question. I commend Natalie for developing a cost-effective strategy for smaller firms that is full of very valuable information.”

For more information about The Design Business Course, please visit: https://adesignpartnership.com/course

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