A Friend or an Enemy: A Deep Analysis of TikTok’s Algorithm

In hindsight, if we’re asked to sum up 2020 in merely two words, the intuitive answer would probably be “staying home”. You’ve probably thought so too, and it comes as no surprise that we’re saying this. In fact, many people tend to joke (and wish it weren’t a joke) that the last year might easily be skipped upon and not be included in one’s life-span for the fact that we couldn’t do anything interesting or exciting.

With that being said, in such a year filled with disappointments, we have come to truly appreciate and cherish the things that made us smile and forget about the daily hardships, and never take them for granted the way we used to anymore. For us, the number one savior is TikTok. In the few years TikTok’s been around, it’s managed to do things that some of its rivals are still struggling to achieve; among these wonderful things, creating a whole new world of entertaining content is TikTok’s first and foremost forte. Fortunately, there are many hacks to grow your followers overnight in a single-click distance from you.

Going viral on TikTok is exactly where the TikTok algorithm kicks in, and this article will brief you on the critical elements the algorithm takes into account when deciding which videos it’s going to promote and which ones will stay behind.

The Fundamentals of TikTok

Just like on any other social media platform, the TikTok experience begins with the app’s algorithm. People who got to TikTok after spending some time on Instagram have been introduced to a new algorithm functionality altogether. On Instagram, the posts we upload are mostly displayed to our followers, making life harder in reaching new audiences. TikTok’s algorithm, on the other hand, is a horse of a different color in that regard. The exposure to TikTok videos begins from a few people, and TikTok’s algorithm ‘spreads the word’ and promotes them among potential viewers the higher engagement rates these videos hit.

Guaranteeing Your Videos’ Engagement Rates Will Always Be on the Rise

You have to take the following elements into account if you want your videos’ performance to keep on improving:

1. Watch Time

When the algorithm learns that your videos have been watched from start to finish, it knows that they’re of high quality and that they’re worthy of promotion from its end. Therefore, you should make sure that each video begins with a bang that doesn’t disappear until the video is through. People neglecting to do so don’t see their videos getting a long shelf-life simply because they are not interesting enough.

2. Getting More Comments, Likes, and Shares

As simple as this may sound, getting comments, likes and shares on TikTok isn’t a piece of cake. However, once you’ve reached impressive numbers of these, people will be more likely to show interest in your videos, resulting in longer watch times and vice-versa.

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