A Review of Growthoid — The Latest Instagram Marketing Agency

The true dilemma of any Instagram user wanting to expand their profile is follower growth — to use a growth service, or not to use a growth service? That is the question. With over 1 billion monthly active Instagram users, anyone who has a business, brand, or influencer potential has no choice but to ramp up their reach and follower count.

On the one hand, growing your Instagram account manually can be a super tiring task and can take ages, which most people just don’t have. Can you imagine having a long day working on content, running your business or working your side job, and them coming home only to spend hours on the platform going through user accounts and engaging with a bunch of them?

It is definitely the hidden, unglamorous part of having a huge Instagram platform. It seems like followers would just fall into our lap, and one day we’ll just be bombarded with a bunch of new followers that love our content and just want to follow out of nowhere.

We wish! Expanding your reach is a tough job, and that’s why many Instagram users are looking for an alternative.

Enter Instagram growth services. There are plenty of Instagram growth services that want to capitalize on your need for your followers, and they’ll happily say they’ll provide them for you. The real question is: what type of followers will they actually provide, at what rate, and is it safe?

There are so many shady practices out there in terms of Instagram growth services, so it can be really difficult to choose the right one. Instagram also makes it hard for growth services to work with the platform, so some won’t do anything at all.

We’ve been hearing so much about Growthoid lately that we decided to take a look at what they offer and review them. Do they really work? That’s what we’ll find out in our review.

How Does Growthoid Work?

Growthoid is an Instagram marketing agency that has a leg up on the competition; they don’t use any bots or automation tools. This is a huge drawback for many marketing services, as bots and automation don’t work well with Instagram. We’ll talk more about that later.

So, if Growthoid isn’t automated, how do they do it?

Growthoid will basically take over your Instagram growth by working manually to grow your followers, just as you would. The service is so straightforward and easy that even the newest Instagram user will have no problems figuring it out.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect in signing up for Growthoid:

  • Step 1: You choose the plan you’d like; Growthoid offers two packages for monthly growth, and they’re no-contract plans, so you can cancel whenever you’d like.
  • Step 2: Once you sign up and complete your payment, you’ll be contacted within 24 hours to connect you with your account manager.
  • Step 3: You will be connected with your dedicated account manager, and you’ll provide your targeting instructions so that your account manager can find users within your ranges and gain not only real followers, but targeted, real followers.
  • Step 4: Your account manager will save your account targets and get working on engagements with users in your target audience to gain new followers.

Voila! It’s so simple, and so straightforward. Let’s take a look at what features Growthoid offers that might be different than your typical marketing service.

Favorite Growthoid Features

Growthoid has some of the top features in the Instagram growth market. What can you expect from them? Let’s take a look.

Dedicated Account Manager

Growthoid will set you up for success through giving you a dedicated account manager. This is so great because not only do you have someone to work on your targets with, but you’ll have someone championing your Instagram growth while you focus on other important elements of your business, brand, or influencer strategy. It’s such a useful feature and it’s the core of Growthoid’s service.

Targeted Followers

Another really important thing is that Growthoid expands your followers based on your targets, which means that you’ll gain followers that actually matter to your account, thus increasing the chance for conversion and engagements. This is the true goal of Instagram growth, and the fact that Growthoid is all about working your targets is really assuring.

Works for All Industries

Since Growthoid is all manual, their growth services work for any targets, any niche or market, anywhere in the world. That means there is literally no limitation to what you can do with the Growthoid service in terms of expanding your reach.

Is Growthoid Really Manual Growth?

You can tell that Growthoid is really manual growth because you don’t get a bunch of random followers that are completely out of your target audience.

Growthoid truly works with your targets in order to bring in the highest quality followers for your Instagram niche, making the service totally worth it because you can actually see business results from this follower increase.

Growthoid uses absolutely no automation, and it shows.

Why Automation Doesn’t Work

Automation and bots have long been frowned upon by Instagram, and can even get your account flagged or shut down completely.

Most automation and bot services have to run on such low interactions that you won’t see any results, and if you do see some, they’re likely to be completely random and out of your target range completely.

Even worse, you might see a bunch of fake or inactive followers appear, and this can ruin your engagement metrics, making your performance on the Instagram ratio terrible.

This is the good thing about Growthoid and we absolutely love it: no bot-induced headaches or worries.

Review Verdict

To sum up, using Growthoid is the closest that you’ll get to actually doing your Instagram growth yourself. While it is completely possible to do what Growthoid does on your own, it’s really time-consuming and can take you away from more important tasks that really need your attention.

Not only that, if you do it yourself, you may not see as many results as you’d like because you only engage with a few profiles here and there. You really need to spend hours engaging with accounts in order to see any real Instagram growth from engagements.

Growthoid will take the wheel and do all of that for you; you’ll have peace of mind that you’re reaching the followers that are really in your target audience, and you will also have a strong support team behind you rooting for your success and passionate about your Instagram growth.

That’s one of the things we loved most about Growthoid. You can tell from all of the interactions with support and your account manager that they really want to provide you with the best results that they can. That’s incredibly rare in the Instagram growth market.

So, we’re for Growthoid. Give them a try for a month — you can cancel at any time, so there’s really nothing to lose. There’s no doubt that you’ll be one more of their satisfied clients added to their long list of great reviews.

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