A Virtual Signal-Boost: Effective Ways to Host an Online Event for Your Business

In recent years, using social media to boost business was the norm. Now, it’s gone a step further as the hosting of virtual events has risen 1000% in the past few months, according to Ruben Castano of 6Connex. If you’ve got a business, you can also utilize a virtual event to support it. Of course, you need to make sure that it’s a success. So what’s the best way you can ensure that your virtual event is a success for everyone participating?

Have a Clear Strategy

First and foremost, you need to have a clear strategy. Sadly, 59.8% of business owners do not have a strategy regarding their virtual event, according to The Virtual Conferences Report. The report goes on to say that the lack of a strategy resulted in rather poor virtual events. A clear strategy involves establishing what your goal is regarding the event. For example, if you’re planning a showcase of talent, your virtual event must have clear presenters. If you’re seeking to promote your products, you must have a clear presentation. All your strategies must, at the end of the day, promote your business.

Choose the Right Platform

The tougher decision involves choosing the platform that you’ll host your virtual event on. You must consider the fact that not all platforms will translate well across all devices, according to Jason Anderson of Avantgarde. So the right platform needs to be able to facilitate attendees regardless of their device. It must also allow you to mix pre-recorded videos and build an effective online community. The right platform will help alleviate the majority of the burden that comes with hosting a virtual event.

Engage the Audience During and After

There is nothing worse than a virtual event where the attendees are bored. A great way to ensure that your virtual event is a success is to effectively engage the audience during and after the event. You can involve your audience in live polls and live debates. Allow your audience to ask follow-up questions. After the event, you can have a survey to get feedback regarding the event. This enables you to see if what you’ve done is successful and gives you a chance to pick their brains on how you can further improve future events.

Hosting a successful virtual event can go a long way to boost your business and give it a positive reputation. Thankfully, there are effective ways you can tap into to ensure that your virtual event gives attendees a productive and enriching experience. So take your time and perfect your plan for your virtual event so you and your business can reap the benefits.

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