Answering Some FAQs About NDIS Funds

Government support programs may arrive with complete guidelines. Their websites have full informative resources, and more often than not, they offer an intelligent chat assistant. However, not all NDIS recipients or special needs parents and guardians would do their research on these channels. Fortunately, it’s not that hard to find this knowledge online.

Opting for support coordination would help you understand more about NDIS and your plan, as well as identify the kind of plan management service that aligns with your requirements.

Still, it’s never harmful to learn about the subject on your own. We listed below some FAQs (frequently asked questions) about NDIS, particularly questions about the proper use of a qualified individual’s funds.

Will NDIS Money Fund a Car?

At first, a car may be a good purchase for people with disabilities and special needs. Sadly, NDIS doesn’t cover expenses for buying a brand new and even a used car. However, they may support vehicle modifications for units that are suitable to modify (under five years and below 80,000 km ran).

Those who would like to get funding for vehicle modifications would need to submit complete proof that the NDIS participant owns or regularly uses the unit for their transport needs. An authorized professional AT assessor must also recommend the alternation to the vehicle.

Can I Use NDIS Money to Pay for Rent and Utilities?

Rental cost is one of the biggest burdens for all families, including those caring for individuals with special needs. It would help a lot if special government aid covered the apartment unit fees, so most of the earnings are channeled to other expenses. However, NDIS is not the kind of state support intended for this. Electricity, water, and telephone bills are also outside the coverage of the scheme.

NDIS participants can still get NDIS to pay for their assistance in moving from their old house to a newer property. Also, NDIS funds are perfect for house modifications and support worker fees to help a person with a disability or special needs live more independently.

Can I Get New Prosthetic Limbs with NDIS?

Reasonable expenses that would help a person with a disability, such as prosthetic limbs, qualify as a valid purchase. There are requirements and specifications to consider, and all details are available in the NDIS guideline for Prosthetic Limbs.

Can NDIS Pay for My Groceries?

NDIS does NOT cover general expenses an individual with special needs would incur. Some of these expenses are groceries, house rent, utility bills, entertainment, a holiday trip, or a direct scholarship. However, the scheme would answer costs of support used explicitly by a participant on reasonable expense and encourage independent living.

What Are the Items I Can Buy Under NDIS Consumables?

There are different budgets under an NDIS plan. A plan manager can explain its entirety, but we’ll tackle one of its popular accounts — the consumables. Generally, this budget is for items that don’t cost that much and is a flexible source. Some of the valid purchases include:

  • Catheters
  • Nappies
  • Eating aids
  • Personal care and safety items
  • Pumps and syringes
  • Absorbent products

An NDIS participant or a special needs guardian needs to manage the funds effectively. With wise spending and tracking, it could go a long way. Consider taking NDIS support coordination to get the right support and receive more education about NDIS budgets and its whole.

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