Axie Infinity Taps Ubisoft, Binance to Back New Ethereum Sidechain

Axie Infinity, the most popular game on Ethereum, has announced the launch of a new gaming blockchain. To usher in the launch, the project has elected Binance and gaming giant Ubisoft to become node validators.

Axie Infinity Launch Layer-2 Solution

Known as Ronin, the blockchain is a layer-2 scaling solution with limited validators and high transaction throughput to improve the gaming experience on Axie Infinity. It is also built on top of Ethereum.

Axie Infinity said its core development team only elected five validators for the project.

French gaming giant Ubisoft is the inaugural validator on the Ethereum sidechain. Ubisoft is the creator and publisher of popular games like Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, and Just Dance.

Besides Ubisoft, the list of validators includes leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance, NFT data provider, gaming company Animoca Brands, and investment firm Sparq.

These companies will play a crucial role in stress testing the new blockchain by validating blocks and updating price oracles, among other activities.

Axie Infinity will run the Ronin testnet with the validators for a few months before finalizing the mainnet.

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