B2B Business Ideas for Home-Based Entrepreneurs

The B2B industry is growing, and it seems there is always room for one more entrepreneur to revolutionize the market. Online businesses now require little investment and are easier to start due to advancing technology.

If you have been considering starting a B2B business, the hardest part could be coming up with a good idea. Choose something you like, have skills and qualifications, and offer customers something in demand.

Here are some ideas for home-based workers:

Digital marketing

There is an increased demand for digital marketing, including leveraging social media to reach more potential customers. Most companies do not need a full-time digital marketer, so they hire a freelancer or work with a marketing agency.

If you have a knack for marketing and want to take it up as a business, ensure that you have a specialty. Keo Marketing is a specialist B2B marketing agency with a team of experts who help B2B companies market their products and services.

Smaller companies tend to outsource their digital and social media marketing to freelancers, and it is an ideal way to get your foot in the door. Use the experience to learn as you go, and your services will soon be in demand.


With the right qualifications, you can start a bookkeeping business. Many small companies cannot afford or do not require a full-time bookkeeper. However, they need someone to manage their financial records. Choose a bookkeeping software program to install and utilize.

This is a great work opportunity for someone who wants to work flexible hours and is tired of being stuck behind a desk during office hours. You can set up appointments that suit your schedule and do much of the work whenever it suits you.


With so much hanging on their website and its content, companies turn to professional writers to ensure top-quality work. There is a growing demand for site content, blogs, social media posts, scripts for videos, and email marketing. Well-written content can make or break a company.

Not everyone is a born wordsmith, but you can start a business selling your skills if you are. Many people freelance as writers, giving them the freedom to work flexible hours from anywhere.

Start with local companies to gain some experience before spreading your wings. More experienced writers make a comfortable living in this growth area that offers significant work opportunities.

IT services

As we all have learned the hard way, computer hardware and software can give us problems when we least need them. If you have a knack for fixing computers and cellphones, you could turn it into a lucrative business. Approach local companies to sell your services as an IT provider.

As an IT service provider, you need to specialize. Either you can fix broken equipment or run a technical support helpdesk for software problems. You might need to visit clients to collect and drop off equipment but can do the rest from home. Software support only requires a sound internet connection.


As an investor, you can earn money from contributing money to other businesses. Many people start small, investing money in local businesses. Naturally, it carries a fair amount of risk, and you need to be as sure of any investment as possible.

Additionally, you can offer your services as a business investment broker. Then you take money from other investors and plow it into businesses to create a favorable return. If you develop a reputation as a reliable, trustworthy business owner, people will allow you to act as the middleman, choosing their business investments and managing the returns for a percentage fee.

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