Business Strategies to Separate You from Competitors

How you maximize your efforts and assign roles within your teams are important metrics for your business. Knowing the steps to take before you set out to start a business can help you eliminate costly overruns and budget shortfalls before you even open your doors. Another important consideration is what type of return on your investment you need and what is the profit margin you need for your business to survive and thrive.

There are a lot of ways that a business owner can become distracted chasing the brightest new thing. By always chasing the newest solution, the newest app, or thing, it can also lead to a number of increased costs and lowered productivity, especially in the outset of starting your business. It’s not cheap to start a business, but it also doesn’t need to leave you loaded with debt to survive, and for those looking to avoid expensive mistakes, there are a few things to consider.

Understanding all the potential problems you may have starting your business, such as understanding the amount of time and commitment needed, as well as the challenges that you may experience is crucial to strategize and anticipate.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

It’s easy to spend a ton of money for advertising that doesn’t lead to conversions whether advertising on platforms like Facebook or through more traditional marketing. Or perhaps you’re a construction business; it’s easy to spend a ton of time doing administrative, marketing, and other tasks that take up more time than is necessary. Finding a good construction project management software can save you a ton of time. And time saved is time and energy you can apply to other areas of growing your business.

Protect Your Personal Assets

The biggest mistake that people make when starting a business is to list your business as a “sole proprietorship.” The problem with this form of business is that you, as the owner and all your personal assets, become liable for any debts or other concerns.

Depending on the type of business you plan to run, creating a limited liability corporation or “LLC” is a good first step. If you plan on creating, selling, or offering physical products for sale, considering an “S’ Corp is another option, with a “C’ Corp desirable for future investment capital.

Create a Successful Business Idea and Plan

What do you intend to sell as a business? Do you offer a product or a service, and who is your target customer or client? Being specific with your business plan will help you have a clearer idea of what actions need to be done, what your expenses may be, and how you plan to make a profit for your business.

Set Your Business Apart from the Competition

One of the primary things to consider when starting a business is what is the thing that is going to set you apart from your competition? If you’re in the home construction business, you can be a general contractor or you can choose to niche down and become a trusted expert on a specific area of construction. For example, you can do general home improvements and remodels versus being a specialist with kitchen and tile projects. By differentiating your offering, you can become an expert to consult and hire for that specific type of project while offering general contracting work.

Position Your Business as Unique

A good example is a realtor who partners with a title company to offer staging, preliminary home inspections and other unique marketing devices to separate your business from other realtors. Just like establishing a special area of focus for your business, position your offer as unique.

Anyone can open a restaurant, but what is something that makes your place unique, one that people want to spend time at and encourage friends and family to visit? A brewery that offers tours of the production facility, has special banquet rooms, and has a food menu that highlights the beers is better positioned than a brewery that only offers beer and nothing else.

By offering something unique that customers can identify with your business and only your business is a strategy that allows you to build brand recognition and loyalty that otherwise may not be possible. Business loyalty is future business for you so by positioning your brand as having a unique identity or offer, it’s easier to build your brand loyalty and maintain future income.

Starting your own business can be exciting but also overwhelming at times. Setting some time aside to organize your business before your first sale, define your offer, and structure your administration and operations will give you a huge head start once you’re ready to open the doors and make your first dollar.

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