Dr. Amera McCoy: Drawing Upon Personal Experience & Professional Expertise to Battle Toxic Work Cultures

The world of business coaching has expanded greatly in the past few years. Like with any service, in order to stand out, you must be extremely well qualified and offer unique training. The difference between your typical business coach and McCoy Consulting LLC (MCL), is that Dr. Amera McCoy possesses corporate work experience, the corresponding education, and personal insights needed to excel in this field. MCL offers a unique approach to business coaching, specifically specializing in the areas of bias and discrimination in the corporate world.

Following a 10+year career at one of the finance industry’s leading institutions, Dr. McCoy came to the realization that her lack of upward mobility had nothing to do with her qualifications and everything to do with the bias circling around her race and gender. This eye-opening revelation provided her with the motivation and the first-hand experience to help other aspiring entrepreneurs who are struggling with things like promotions and salary.

Dr. McCoy, CEO and founder of MCL, provides consulting, coaching, classes and content to clients as an Industrial Organizational Psychologist. Her primary areas of focus include enhancing employee engagement, improving diversity and inclusion, optimizing performance, leadership assessment, building relationships in the workplace, and much more.

After receiving her PhD in Business Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Dr. McCoy has continually worked to provide the best education to help clients advance in their personal and professional lives. This fall, she’s working with clients on a series of mini courses that dive into topics tied to today’s cultural, economic and political climate. These classes, which are titled “Breaking Unconscious Bias,” “Empathetic Communication With Black Employees During Times of Civil Unrest,” and “Become A Business Coach,” can be taken a-la-carte ($99) or as a bundle ($199).

With countless programs and courses to learn from, MCL offers a large variety of supplemental tools and consulting that can make or break your road to success. Learn more by visiting http://www.mccoyconsultingusa.com.

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