Effective Promotional Strategies for Product Branding

Establishing your brand is perhaps the most crucial element when it comes to promoting your products. Businesses that succeed and thrive almost always implement a calculated approach to branding that ensures their products themselves become a core component of their overall promotions and marketing strategy. Does this mean the products speak for themselves? Yes and no. Yes, in that the most successful branded items relay the company’s logo, name and/or slogan. For instance, if you’re selling custom backpacks, it’s essential they don’t just serve a utilitarian purpose (carrying your stuff around on your back), but they display your company branding, personality, etc.. In doing so, you are able to stay front of mind and make an emotive connection with your target marketplace.

Effectively promoting your products and merchandise requires establishing goals, including high-quality standards which will only assist you in your marketing efforts. What follows are a few strategies on product branding and promotion you should find effective for boosting your business.

Products Should Possess Value and Usability

If you’re a newbie to creating, marketing, and selling your personal brand of product and merchandise, you should know this above all else: The most worthwhile promotional products are going to fall into the lifestyle category. That is, products with utilitarian features, like water bottles with unique designs, backpacks, hats, bags, hoodies, and so much more. The user must feel as though he or she needs the item since it satisfies a particular need, want, and/or desire. The more usefulness the buyer receives from the item, the more your personal brand will remain top-of-mind. Think of many years ago when vacuum cleaners were first introduced to the suburban masses. Hoover became such a top brand that users didn’t vacuum their carpets. They “Hoovered” their carpets. The same can be said of the introduction of the Xerox copier. Businesspeople didn’t make copies of documents. They Xeroxed their documents. Now that’s how to create unique branding.

To achieve superior merchandising and marketing goals, three critical elements must come together: unique and eye-catching design, crystal-clear brand personality, and products that offer a utilitarian value to your potential customers.

Create and Implement an Effective Promotional Plan

Defining your audience is of the utmost importance. Who are your potential buyers? Once you can establish that, you can create products that convey compassion, dependability, and that are uniquely a part of your overall brand. Don’t follow the trends, but instead go for products to promote that can stand the test of time. In this manner you develop lines of products that resonate with specific demographics. You might want to think about partnering your brand-new product with an older, more established one in order to promote to your target audience. For instance, if you are creating a line of spaghetti sauces, you might ask to be displayed beside a more famous sauce. This type of targeted affiliation will build product appreciation and a sort of perceived value.

Go for Maximum Return on Investment

Maximum return on investment, or ROI, is of course, what it’s all about. You aren’t in business to lose money. You are in business to provide a superior dependable product that fits your own particular brand and that when all is said and done makes you a fair return on initial investment. You need to establish a budget not only for product development and distribution, but also for marketing and promotion. You are investing not necessarily in creating merchandise, but in building an unstoppable brand. That is, a brand consumers immediately recognize as belonging to you and only you. However, you must develop a metric that tells you precisely what your net profit is at the end of the day. You can have the most reliable, unique, and fun product in the world that actually sells quite well. But if the math indicates your ROI is in the negative, you either need to rethink your promotion/advertising budget strategy, or perhaps move on from the product altogether.

Utilize Automated Ordering

We live in the digital age. The internet allows us to create our own brands and propagate them on the internet from the comfort of our bedrooms, or a café in Paris, if you will. You don’t need to warehouse or deliver your products since it can all be done for you, saving you precious time and money. Automated platforms such as Amazon allow you to target in on specific groups and potential interested buyers and do so with extreme efficiency. However, such platforms usually require a significant advertising budget in order to promote your brand ahead of a similar brand. Again, establish your advertisement budget with maximum ROI in mind.

Building an unstoppable brand requires strategic promotion. But it also requires a reliable and well manufactured product. It can also take time. The race is not a sprint, but a marathon. In the end however, if done right, you can create a brand that stands out above all others and that is uniquely your own.

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