How Do I Change Myself to Advance My Career?

Changing oneself takes a lot of willpower to accomplish successfully. Out of all your failed New Year’s resolutions and broken promises to yourself, you may have completed significant changes in your life only a handful of times.

You may have asked yourself the question ‘How do I change myself?’ a lot, but found an excuse or a way around the need to make life-altering changes in your life. It’s very likely that the changes you’ve actually made successfully were taken to advance your career in some way. Maybe it involved moving to a different town to pursue a different job opportunity or taking some courses to improve your knowledge in your field of expertise.

The question of how to change myself seems to get asked of ourselves much more frequently the further we get into our careers. We begin to know what we don’t know, so to speak. We see the areas where we are lacking in our development and have the necessary motivation to improve them to advance ourselves in our careers.

Developing a Lifelong-Learning Mindset

Whether we recognize the changes in our education outlook or not, we are slowly developing a lifelong-learning mindset. Lifelong learning is a concept that is being embraced by more and more organizations and companies as the natural progression of business education.

People all have different educational and life experiences that affect their development. And the more experienced you become in your area of business, the more you understand what you need to know to perform your job effectively. By adopting a lifelong-learning mindset with regard to your career, you can take control of your own development and guide your own destiny.

Extra Benefits of Lifelong Learning

Beyond the obvious benefits in personal development that developing a lifelong-learning mindset entails, there are some additional benefits as well that go beyond the actual knowledge.

Studies have shown that the human brain acts much like a muscle in the body. It responds favorably to exercise. People who continued to learn and challenge their intellect were much more likely to retain their mental acuity into advanced age. They are also much more likely to actively participate and make worthwhile contributions in a business environment.

The embrace of this educational attitude also rarely goes unnoticed by others in a position of authority. The upper management of a company takes notice of those who continue to hone and refine their abilities. They recognize that an employee with a lifelong-learning mindset is also likely to stay aware of the latest trends and focus in their industry.

These employees are, because of the mindset they’ve embraced, much more valuable to a company. They are also more likely to be appreciated and rewarded for their value as well. Asking the question of ‘how do I improve myself?’ can lead to adopting a lifelong-learning mindset that will allow you to do just that. The trick is having the willpower to get you successfully on the road to success.

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