How Mass Texting Can Increase Revenue

Business owners, website designers, and programmers know that keeping existing customers is key to the long-term success of any business. Business owners need repeat customers. Website designers create websites with repeat visitors in mind. Programmers set out to design apps that users find relevant and will use repeatedly. A mass texting service focuses on repeat customers too. Learn how it can make a profitable difference in your retention marketing goals.

Mass Texting Technology

Mass texting technology allows businesses to send short message service (SMS) text messages to existing customers who opt-in to receive them. A 160-character limit is set for SMS text messages which contain only text; therefore, no images or pictures are included. Businesses can also send multimedia messaging service (MMS) messages which may include videos, links, file attachments, or pictures.

A trusted mass texting service can help you get your messages to your customers located around the globe. According to CDYNE, “You can send up to 200 text messages per second to your entire contact list.”

Customers Open SMS Messages from Businesses They Know

You can boost customer engagement with mass text messaging because existing customers like to receive news from businesses they already deal with. There are several ways to promote your business and solidify your brand with your customers:

  • Notify customers of sales
  • Send sales coupons
  • Offer special customer-only discounts

The open and read rate for mass text messaging is 98 percent. Compare this statistic with emails at 22 percent, Tweets at 29 percent, and Facebook posts at only 12 percent.

Customer Service Communications via SMS Messages Increase Brand Loyalty

When a customer makes a purchase or schedules an appointment, you can send SMS messages regarding:

  • Product shipment status updates
  • Customer appointment reminders

Both of these communication efforts sent through a mass texting service pay off with increased brand loyalty and happier customers.

Team Communication Becomes Streamlined to Enhance Business Processes and Grow Profits

Mass text messaging for teams ensures that they get vital business information about projects in a timely way. For example, if there are documents that require signatures before a project continues, reminders can be sent out. This alone can improve business processes. When steps are streamlined, they strengthen a business’s position in its industry. Improving the way things are handled also gives teams more time to dedicate to product development initiatives. This can result in customers receiving new products faster.

Keeping Text Messages Relevant

It’s important for businesses to be genuine in their text messaging efforts. Although the goal is to be profitable, the customer has to be able to recognize the perceived value in the content of the text message.

Focus on:

  • Offering a mix of valuable information — not exclusively product promotional texts
  • Texting at appropriate times based on the customer’s time zone
  • Limiting the number of text messages but maintaining quality

Businesses can increase revenue by using a mass texting service. The pricelessness of customer retention is worth the investment.

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