How to Become a White Label SMS Platform Reseller

SMS has again found popularity among marketers as a preferred communication method for businesses to connect with their audience. As a marketing software, SMS platforms may be able to provide all the needed resources to help a business succeed after years of the email dominance. Compared to the 18% opening rate of emails, text messages are opened and read 98% of the time. And, white label SMS marketing software is surely a big performer according to many marketing agencies.

What Is White Label SMS?

An SMS platform that is easy to use, feature-rich, and highly intuitive with options for adding specific functions and services to help businesses thrive is a dream offer for clients of marketing agencies. When this platform is rebranded and offered to clients as their own text-messaging business, it is the ‘white label’ service.

The Reseller program is where an agency just introduces clients to the SMS platform providers and then shares in the revenue generated by those clients.

Why Should You Be a Reseller?

A white label SMS platform empowers businesses, and it enables you to run an advanced platform with personalized branding. A reseller can completely customize the business logo and colors, thereby offering their own SMS platform, in their own way. White label SMS platform reselling is a simple way to power up the marketing strategy, increase business revenue, and add value to the existing client base. Besides, it is the most optimum and low-cost channel for marketing.

How Should You Become One?

Here are some quick and easy steps to become a white label SMS platform reseller.

First, shortlist the best white label services. There are a ton of features that can make a white-label software platform the perfect marketing and messaging web service taking things far beyond just mobile messaging. A little bit of research and portfolio recommendations can help you choose the right one.

Second, don’t just choose the provider that offers you the best subscription features and rates. Most importantly, choose a provider with a plan that will best fit your needs. Take into account customization and rebranding levels, price limits and monitoring, marketing collaterals provided, and the availability of technical support.

Third, access the portal of your preferred provider and enter all details necessary to register as a reseller, such as company name, email and other contacts, reseller sub-domain or domain, etc.

Finally, sign up as soon as all your doubts are cleared and you are sure of the platform.

Becoming a white label SMS platform reseller is fast and easy. The benefits still outweigh the hassle-free process. While you promote SMS services to your clients and offer them access to your provider’s solutions, you earn commission on every purchase that the client makes. Another option is the ability to integrate the platform into applications developed for the clients.

So, resell text messaging services using your own domain, logo and colors, enjoy special rates, and set prices for your clients independently. You can even set up a multilevel system in order to manage both end user and resellers in turn. You can visit Edgility for white label text marketing services to know more.

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