How to Convert Your Garage into a Home Office

With many people newly experiencing the work-from-home lifestyle, there’s a need for innovations in creating functional workspaces. This is especially true for those who have numerous household members working from home and also juggling distance learning.

Many innovators are converting or updating their garage to create a home office. Here are some helpful tips for making the most out of this space.

Outline the Space

Before you start building shelves and kicking your car to the curb, take some time to outline the space. Determine whether it’s possible to set up a small workspace that allows room for your vehicle or if a full conversion is necessary. Draw up some scaled sketches to figure out what the space could look like with a little work.

Many people who are adding a home office to their garage are still using the space for their car as well. If your garage has become a catch-all for your storage, calculate how much space you’d have if you reorganized.

Add Insulation and Heating

One of the more significant aspects of converting a garage is adding heating or cooling elements to keep the space comfortable. In warmer regions, a garage can get stuffy in a hurry. In colder regions, it can feel like an icebox in the winter.

Add insulation to the garage and consider installing heating and air conditioning. Take a budget-friendly approach by using a wall-mounted mini split that can be used when needed to keep costs low. Mini-splits are also great if you think you’ll have the garage door open in nice weather.

Rethink Your Garage Door

One of the best upgrades you can make when creating a garage workspace is the garage door. The garage door repair Houston experts at GDS recommend insulated glass garage doors to let in as much natural light as possible. You can get the glass frosted to maintain privacy. With aluminum backing, these doors are still safe and secure.

If you have a two-car garage and are planning to convert half, consider downgrading from a two-car door to a single-car door. This conversion will create more wall space and help divide the area more effectively.

Consider the Flooring

Flooring is another consideration to keep in mind when converting your space. A garage slab tends to be lower than the rest of the house. If you want it to be on the same level, you’ll need to raise the floor.

If you’re still keeping your car in the garage, adding laminate or tile isn’t an option. Consider getting a polished concrete floor to prevent moisture and add some life to the space. You can always add area rugs to your workspace to make it warmer and more welcoming.

Brighten It Up

Garages tend to be dim, dark places. Brighten it up with a fresh coat of paint and some accent lighting. As overhead lighting can be a challenge with a garage door, consider using wall sconces and floor lamps to brighten the space. Choose warm-toned light bulbs to give your new home office a cozy feeling.

Add Functional Storage

With the right storage options, you can still use your garage as a catch-all while keeping a clean workspace. Consider installing deep shelving to hold tote bins, capitalizing on vertical space. You can also get trundles to hold bins that fit over your garage door.

Pegboards and hooks are both simple and perfect for storing garden tools and sports equipment. You can also use shelving and pegboard installations to create a cordoned-off space for your work.

With some strategic planning and a minimal investment, you can convert your garage into a multi-purpose home office.

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