How to Make Money from Home with Your Arts & Crafts Hobby

Arts & crafts is a popular hobby that many people enjoy due to its creativity and entertainment value. Not many people know it’s also entirely possible to make side money or a decent living doing this. Apart from simply creating and selling arts & crafts, there several other ways you can try to make money. Here are some of the best methods you can do to make money with your arts and crafts hobby.

Find Opportunities Locally

Ali Fields, DIY crafter, and Editor at Cut, Cut, Craft!, says you don’t always need to sell online to be successful since you can always offer your products and services locally.

Some potential local customers for your crafts might be kids’ sports teams, wedding/party planners, interior decorators, and stagers. Any business with a storefront is always looking to stand out with promotional materials and a sign that pops.

Once you’ve exhausted your local community, this is an excellent opportunity to take your crafts to larger online markets. Fields says that you’ll know which products are profitable at this point and which are the most popular. The best way to validate your business is to approach people you know (friends & family) and see if your idea has any traction before deciding to sell online.

Sell Online (Etsy, eBay, Etc.)

Etsy and eBay are perhaps two of the most commonly known places to sell arts & crafts items. Even though there might be some competition on these platforms, you can be successful if you’re smart about it. You need to do proper diligence beforehand to figure out which products are profitable and popular.

Research is an integral part of the process, and it can help determine which products are likely to be successful and which are likely to fail. You also need to consider shipping costs, since if you’re shipping something heavy or internationally, it might significantly cut into your profits.

A great example of a successful product you can sell is custom decals, according to Fields. Custom decals are used in various functions like promotional stickers, product labels, vinyl signage, custom cards, and much more. They aren’t too difficult to make, and shipping isn’t a huge cost either.

Blog About Arts & Crafts to Get Traffic

Blogging about your arts & crafts is a great way to make money. Blogging can help bring traffic to your site, and by offering ads on your website or using affiliate marketing to promote products, you can make a decent chunk of money per month.

There are also other creative ways to get traffic to your website apart from blogging on your site. You can post your projects on arts & crafts related websites. One perfect example is the FaveCrafts Share Your Project page. The project gets posted on their website in front of the eyes of thousands of craft enthusiasts, making it an outstanding way for you to drive traffic to your site.

Make Arts & Crafts YouTube Videos

After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine that exists. This means there are plenty of opportunities for creating a large following of arts & crafts enthusiasts on YouTube by creating videos. Similar to blogging, you can promote specific products in your videos for a fee, and once you gain a big enough following, you can make money with ads that play before or during your YouTube videos.

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