Is Freelancing a Good Idea?

Almost everyone today seems to have become a freelancer. But what is freelancing anyway? In simple terms, freelancing can be defined as a system where people work for themselves. So is it a good idea?

To properly understand whether it is a good idea or not, it’s important to first look at the dynamics surrounding the freelancing space:

1. Freelancing Offers Flexible Working Hours

Flexible working hours doesn’t mean that a freelancer is always idle and has less work to do compared to someone else with a normal office job. Far be it from that. Flexibility simply means that regardless of the workload that the freelancer has to handle, he or she can work at any time, whether day or night without limitations.

So a freelancer can be awake all night handling a work project and then spend daytime hours doing something else that’s not work-related.

2. Freelancers Have Minimal Operation Costs

Compared to the traditional system of running businesses where one would have to get a physical office, acquire permits for operation, buy furniture and equipment to run the business, and handle all those logistics involved, a freelancer incurs less of these costs.

Take for example a freelancer who works from home. The freelancer doesn’t have to incur the costs of hiring out office space. He or she can always use the available space in the house and convert it into a working space. The freelancer won’t incur the cost of purchasing licenses or even transportation costs involved when going to and coming back from the office daily.

While there are a few costs incurred by the freelancer such as getting the necessary work equipment like a computer, internet, a working desk and seat, and the like, the costs are way lower compared to those of the traditional system of doing things.

3. Exemption from the Normal Work Dress Code

Because most freelancers generally work from home and rarely leave the house except when they have to run unavoidable errands, they tend to care less about what they wear while working from home.

Unlike the 9 to 5 job that requires some level of decency in your dressing where you have to be in suits or presentable casual wear, freelancers can work all day while wearing pajamas.

While this is not advisable as it may at times limit productivity, the ‘no dress code’ system gives some level of freedom and ease to the freelancer.

4. Freelancing Is Unbiased

The beauty of freelancing is that it is not favorable to only one group of people. Nursing mothers with newborns can become freelancers and make money from home without having to leave their babies alone.

People with a ‘lack of qualifications’ according to the human resource department who denied them a chance to work in a particular organization all have an equal or even better opportunity to make money as freelancers without being discriminated against or having to stay within a strict schedule.


Freelancing from the pointers above can be considered to be a good idea. The only requirement on your part as an aspiring or already established freelancer is that you be willing to go the extra mile, work hard, know your field of expertise, gain enough skills for it, and deliver quality work to your clients.

So where do you begin your journey as a freelancer? Check out for more information on how to get started.

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