Jamie Giovinazzo Launches Eat Clean Bro to Help Improve Eating Habits

In 2013, Jamie Giovinazzo set out to change the way people ate. From a young age, he had a passion for fitness, nutrition and good food. In its infancy, Eat Clean Bro was a prepared meal delivery service, targeting “bodybuilders” and “gym-goers”. Today, Eat Clean Bro has evolved into a multi-million-dollar food technology business with kitchens in Freehold, New Jersey and Atlanta, Georgia, servicing the majority of the East Coast.

Jamie was able to take a $300 investment (money that he had made bartending one weekend) and steadily grow a business rooted in strong customer retention, community involvement and a company culture that is truly one-of-a-kind. He is a huge believer in the “owner operator” model. Meaning, you do everything yourself, until you can’t. In the beginning, Jamie took orders, cooked, cleaned, delivered, provided customer service, and then started over again the next day. Eventually, the orders would become one too many and he would have to enlist help for one of those tasks. It was not until a critical breaking point was reached that a new employee was hired. He truly built a dream team, many of which are still employed with Eat Clean Bro seven years later.

One of the biggest “secrets” to Jamie’s success has been Eat Clean Bro’s ability to quickly adapt to the changes and advancements in the food delivery space. Eat Clean Bro was the first meal delivery service to offer a no-contract, no-minimum way to purchase healthy, single-serving, prepared foods. But it wasn’t always that way. It was by listening intently to his customers’ feedback and criticisms that Jamie discovered how he was going to differentiate himself and propel his company to a competitive level in what was becoming a booming industry.

It is a delicate balance, growing at an exponential rate yet somehow wanting to maintain the level of personalization and warmth of a small business. Today, the customer service that Eat Clean Bro offers is just as personalized as when Jamie was the one answering the phone. When you call, the phone rings and you are immediately greeted by a live human being, a rare occurrence in today’s fully automated online world. Eat Clean Bro owns its own distribution, a fleet of thirty plus big blue refrigerated delivery vans that deliver your meals right to your front door, with a smile. You also have contact with your driver, who can even send a photo confirmation of your delivery (they’ve been doing this long before Amazon!).

Through slow and intentional growth, Eat Clean Bro has built a delivery powerhouse currently focusing on improving online technology and ordering experience. Jamie is also focused on adding complimentary goods to the Eat Clean Bro shopping experience. Although there are over 70 meal selections currently available for purchase, his customers are looking for a “one-stop shop” and more product variety.

No matter what your business, Jamie believes the key principles are all the same. Treat every customer like they are your last, listen to your employees and make your community a better place. Starting a business is not about being your own boss, because in reality, every single person you come into contact with is now your boss. Eat Clean Bro is a house built of bricks on a foundation of simple key principles, old-school morals and values and a lot of patience.

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