Moving an Office Space: Tips for a Smooth Transition

Moving an office space can be a stressful event for an employer and their employees. Whether your business has outgrown your current office space, or you are in need of a fresh location for renewed inspiration and productivity, these are some tips for a smooth and virtually stress-free transition into the new office space.

Plan Your Move as Early as Possible

Planning your move well in advance will help reduce your stress the day of your move. Schedule the move of your office space well in advance with the building you are moving into as well as the building you are moving out of. If possible, start planning your business relocation four to six months in advance so that you have time to decide on the layout and what your needs will be regarding new office equipment.

If you plan the move as early as possible, it will also give your employees an opportunity to do their own planning ahead without becoming overburdened as the move gets closer.

When choosing a new location for your business, it is crucial that your new office space will meet your needs as your business grows and changes to prevent having to move into another new office in the near future.

The best time for moving an office space is typically over the weekend, as most buildings will not allow moves during normal business hours. It will also be ideal as you will not have to move things around people working at other office spaces within the building.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Hire a reputable commercial moving company like los angeles movers with a license and mover’s insurance that has the experience, resources and expert movers required to handle all your packing, moving, deconstruction and reconstruction needs from start to finish. Be sure to do this in advance.

Before hiring a professional moving company, make sure to have them give you an on-site quote for the move and get a full estimate of the moving cost. Again, be sure the moving company you hire has mover’s insurance, as office buildings require it now. You could search online for the most qualified company or get recommendations from others who have moved their office before to see who they used, and if they did a good job.

Talk to Your Employees About the Move

As an employer or business owner, you know that moving an office is a huge decision for your business as well as your employees. So, talk to your employees about the move as early as possible so that they can plan out how they’ll maneuver the transition. It is important for you to make sure that every employee is supported and well-organized to ensure a successful move to a new office environment.

Order New Office Equipment and Supplies Well in Advance

Determine what office equipment and supplies you will need once you move into the new office space and order them well in advance so your employees will be able to continue work as normal when they get to the new office. You will need new business cards, envelopes, and other printed materials that show the address change. Be sure to do this well in advance so they arrive at the new office in time for move-in day.

Get the Digital Infrastructure Installed First

Make sure to get the communication and IT infrastructure installed in your new office space so your IT team can set up the computer network, phone connections, internet plans, and more before your employees get to their new office.

If you are moving existing communication and IT equipment, like networked computers and phones, make sure they are unloaded and brought to the new office so that your employees are able to get right to work when they arrive.

Dispose of Unnecessary Items

When moving into a new office, do not bring unnecessary papers, old and unwanted equipment, furniture, and other items you will not be needing anymore. Sell your unwanted stuff or donate it to get rid of clutter before moving. If you donate anything, it does not need to go to a qualified charity or non-profit organization; the donation can be tax deductible.

In Conclusion

Whether you are planning on moving your office into a new space within the same building, a different building, or another state, the above tips can help you plan out the move far in advance and make it a smooth and stress-free transition.

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