Moving Checklist 2021: A Step-by-Step Guide

Moving out to a different place can be a highly complicated and hectic process. However, planning things before the relocation can prove to be highly helpful and relieve your stress to a great level.

Properly sorting your stuff out by getting rid of the unrequited things can significantly reduce your moving costs and also make your relocation a stress-free process. Are you planning a relocation? If yes, preparing for a move includes a detailed process.

Here, in this article, we cover almost all the stuff that you may require for a successful move-out. This article is a comprehensive list of the most required stuff for your relocation. Starting from 2-3 months before the relocation to the move-out Eve, this comprehensive list can make your move an enjoyable and easy process. Working according to this plan will assure you of a perfect move out without missing anything. Here is a comprehensive moving plan for your move:

2-3 Months Before Moving Out

Once you find a home of your choice and have completed all the formalities, it is time that you start preparing for the relocation. The very first step for a successful relocation is creating a checklist. These are the things that you need to do 2 months before the relocation process:

  • Hire a moving solicitor and a mortgage expert to clear all legal essentials of sale/purchase of the property on time.
  • Find out all the amenities that are available in the new location so that you can settle down easily there.
  • Sort all the issues regarding the school transfer of your children and with the property owner of your house in case you are presently a tenant.
  • Keep all the necessary documents in the right place to avoid any chaos during relocation.

8 Weeks Before the Moving Process

Before you approach 8 weeks before your move-out, one important step is to get rid of unnecessary items as it will help in reducing the moving costs. Making a list of necessary items before moving out is one important step that is required to be made here, as it will help the company to envisage the moving cost. Also, you should know that the lesser the furniture, the cheaper the moving expenses. Some steps to be made 8 weeks before are:

  • Get quotes from at least 5 packing companies and pick the one you find the best.
  • Remove all the stuff that you find is unwanted and properly organize the most needed items.
  • Get the floor plan of the new house so that you know what things to carry and where to fit them.
  • Also, if your relocation is related to your job, the employer may pay you for some expenses. So, be aware of it beforehand.

6 Weeks Before Making the Move

Important moves that you need to make 6 weeks before the relocation are:

  • Arrangements – if you need to get lodged somewhere before getting to your new home, book hotels beforehand and also make the necessary traveling arrangements. Along with these, buy packing supplies like moving boxes of different sizes, packing tape, bubble wrap, containers like dish packing boxes, etc.
  • Contact your family doctor to prepare a medical report of all your family members and forward it to your new doctor.

4 Weeks Before Moving Out

  • Time to start packing! Start packing the things you rarely use and keep with you the things that you use almost daily like toothbrushes, remotes, etc., until the day you make the actual move.
  • Label the boxes based on the stuff they carry.
  • Take measurements of all the boxes you have packed to make sure that no box gets stuck in any of your doors while making the move.
  • Contact the current utility services to stop the services a day after your relocation and the new utility companies to start the services on the very first day of your relocation.
  • Make important parties aware of the change in your address.
  • Visit a mechanic and get your vehicle serviced to prevent any chaos on the day of the move.

7 Days Before Moving

  • Since it is high time now and you are just a week away from moving into your new house, make sure that almost all your packing is done. Label the boxes carefully so that no confusion is created on the day of moving.
  • Keep a survival kit to ensure the smooth running of the exercise.
  • Put all your papers like the driving license, house papers, and cash in a safe place and in a transparent box so that you may easily find them when needed.
  • Collect all your keys to the apartment you are presently living in.
  • Make sure that you have told all the important parties about the address change.
  • Have some cash with you for emergency purposes.
  • Wash your clothes, iron them and fold and safely keep them in the box to make unpacking easy when you go to your new apartment.

Things Not to Pack

While you will send all the bulky material through the truck, there are a few things that you should carry with you in your handbag. A list of these items are:

  • Credit cards
  • Medications
  • Toilet paper
  • Phone, laptop, and charger
  • Snacks and water
  • Cash
  • Jewelry
  • Flashlight
  • Any other valuable items

On the Eve of Your Move

It is the time in which all you have to do is give a finishing touch to your relocation activities. Take a look at the entire house to make sure that you have not missed anything important.

  • Fully charge your phones and laptops.
  • Carry a tool kit that has things like cello tapes, screwdrivers, etc., that you may require at the time of emergency.

On the Day of the Actual Move

You might feel emotional and sentiments may run through your mind and heart. But, it is the time when you don’t have to lose your calm and finish up all the remaining things.

  • Make sure that you have taken pictures of utility meters of gas, water, electricity, etc. to maintain a record.
  • Take off all the curtains and beddings properly.
  • Assign someone to stay with the moving company until every item reaches your new home.
  • Make sure that you have left all the key sets behind.

On Reaching Your New Apartment

As you have finally made it to your new apartment successfully, it is time to have a cup of tea. Make tea for everyone in the house. Give children their toys to play with. Also, don’t forget to keep a check on the items that the moving company is getting to your new house. After everything is done, sit back and relax. Once everything reaches your place, direct the company workers to keep things at the place that you have planned. Cheers! Everything is done.


Making even minor mistakes can prove to be catastrophic while relocating. So, to prevent any mishaps, it is advisable to go through this article to have a smooth relocation experience.

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