MVP: Your First Company Website Checklist

For smaller companies, a website is something of a big deal. It tends to be the first step into marketing and in some industries, it’s even classed as a bit of a luxury!

Granted, an increasing number of people know the importance of having their own company website, but it can still be a daunting task. To simplify the process somewhat, we have outlined four questions that you must ask yourself (or your web development company) before pressing ahead with your site.

Is it mobile friendly?

Particularly if you are a sole trader, you’ll be amazed at how many companies within your industry still don’t have a mobile website. This is your chance to stand out.

Of course, there are also plenty of industries where a mobile design is absolutely the only way to go.

Regardless, the output is the same: you need your website to work seamlessly on mobile devices. When you are looking for website design services, make this a priority. You certainly don’t want users pinching and zooming to navigate an ugly desktop version of a site on their small screen.

Is it fast?

OK, you don’t need the fastest website on the planet, but you certainly don’t want to be making users wait to access your site. Most people will admit that the internet has made them impatient and, unfortunately, if your site takes several seconds to load, that’s too long.

As such, at least make sure your website isn’t slow. There are all sorts of tools which allow you to benchmark your page’s speed and see how it fares with the competition.

Can you make changes quickly?

This next point is something that many small companies never really question, until it’s too late.

Particularly if you have engaged a third party to build your website, you need to be asking about how you update it.

We’re in an age where websites are regularly having to make changes to their messaging. It might be about reduced opening hours, or even a temporarily closure. In some cases, it may even be about a change in address or telephone number.

Once upon a time, it was mightily difficult for most non-technical people to make changes to a website. Now, there are umpteen platforms that make it a straightforward process.

The trick is making sure that your website is built on such a platform (hint: WordPress is the common option).

Does it make it easy for users to interact?

Finally, what’s the point of your website? What are you looking for users to achieve?

Is it to find your store’s address? Is it to call you? Or is it to complete an online form? Do you want to increase your social media following? The possible endpoints are infinite.

Bearing this in mind, you need to make sure that your website supports such a goal. For example, if you’re looking to gain more calls from your site, the last thing you need is for your phone number to be blended into the bottom of the page, out of sight.

When I started my booze retail shop, I needed a brand new website and learnt from my many mistakes (thanks to the help of a drink marketing agency) that sometimes it is best to go to the professionals.

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