Original Holiday Gift for 2021 – Personalized Spotify Plaques

The search for original gifts has become a veritable hunt for the most cutting-edge ideas. Getting it right isn’t always easy, especially if you often miss the mark.

The latest trend when it comes to original gifts for 2021 comes from the world of technology. Beyond devices and wearables, the world of trending apps has created an offshoot market of original gifts — some personalized, such as the personalized Spotify Plaques offered by Transparent Gift, while others are more standardized, but sure to bring out a smile in whoever receives them.

What is a personalized Spotify plaque?

We’ve spoken to the young people behind the Transparent Gift project, entrepreneurs who have researched the American market looking for original ideas for affordable gifts — both in terms of production and for the end customer. In recent years, Spotify has become the market leader in music streaming: one of the most successful projects launched in recent years, achieving exceptional growth.

Today, all music producers feel the need to include the app in their promotional plans, and their efforts are not in vain: Spotify is one of the digital channels with the greatest consumption of music. Even podcasts, very popular in both marketing and communications, have their place on this app. The young people behind the Transparent Gift project identified this opportunity as something that had not yet been adapted to a market with as much potential as that of Spain, and jumped at the chance. Today, they have launched a revolution in original, personalized gifts.

And what’s behind their great success? It all comes down to methacrylate plaques, to which customers can add their own personalized background, brought to reality by the artisans behind the project.

All this is carried out in Spain, they note, although they have started to expand to Latin America, opening up shipments to the South American continent. Of course, they clarify, in these cases they cannot guarantee the same 48-hour delivery offered for mainland Spain, as this will instead take a minimum of two weeks.

Creating your own personalized Spotify plaque to give to a loved one is as simple as choosing a specific song, album or artist, adding the song’s title and the name of the artist, selecting your chosen size from the three on offer — with the option to add a frame at an additional cost to make your gift all the more elegant — and your preview will be automatically generated. What’s more, they note, discounts are available for orders of several personalized plaques, opening the company up to groups such as associations or foundations related to the world of music, and music-industry companies.

Other unique gift ideas for 2021

Transparent Gifts points to various other products available on the market, focused on offering original, personalized gifts. At the moment, they don’t have much competition in the Spanish market — even though various merchandise and gifts have been inspired by this hugely successful music player.

You can find everything from Spotify bracelets, to necklaces influenced by the app. And, of course, the big personalized t-shirt chains have also jumped on the bandwagon with original gifts, inspired by Spotify.

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