Security Tips 101: 5 Ways to Protect a Warehouse Franchise

A business’s lifeblood runs on a secure supply chain. If anything untoward occurs along the chain, the entire system would hemorrhage precious capital and fall apart. Unfortunately, such incidents are more common than you think—and they’re on the rise.

In late December 2020, New York State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker released an official statement about a healthcare network stealing COVID-19 vaccines. Security experts have expected such crimes to occur as early as April 2020, given the vaccines’ value. And if the opioid crisis of several years ago is any indication, the vaccines would most likely end up on the black market.

This development highlights a problem that has been the bane of businesses for years: supply chain security. Without an exhaustive security audit, state-of-the-art security systems can only do little to prevent the crime.

As the heart of a supply chain, a warehouse franchise is responsible for ensuring security and peace of mind among its clients. Establishing a secure perimeter with alarms, cameras, and guards is still vital, but improving overall security requires going beyond the fence. Below are several ways you can make thieves think twice about robbing your warehouse.

1. Screen Prospective Employees

In a study presented by US Security Expert, Barry Brandman, it was found that over 40% of warehouse drivers confessed to accepting a deal to divert goods away from their intended destination. Thorough pre-employment screening can help weed out applicants that are most vulnerable to bribes. This should include a thorough background check, drug testing, and honesty and integrity tests.

The screening will keep potential threats out, but some will manage to get through. For this reason, consider adding an extra layer of security in the form of undercover personnel. Their job is to keep a close eye on all workers. This could include security guards for a warehouse, who would be tasked to gather information and assess the employees’ activities.

2. Light Up Critical Areas

As simple as it seems, providing adequate lighting to critical areas such as the warehouse entrance or motor pool can deter would-be thieves. A well-lit area appears much clearer to patrolling guards and security cameras, discouraging thieves or catching them easily in the act.

Investing in motion-activated lighting is also a good idea. These lamps, usually solar-powered, will activate when their sensors pick up movement within range (typically 16 feet). They’re brighter than many lighting systems in the market, making them a far more ideal deterrent.

3. Harness Modern Technology

Automated warehouse solutions like inventory robots and conveyor belts, while expensive, reduce the number of employees required in every shift. The fewer people a warehouse employs, the less likely a perpetrator can infiltrate the facility as an employee.

On the other hand, trucks and other marked vehicles should have hidden GPS trackers installed. This way, the management can track each vehicle’s itinerary in real time as it makes the delivery. Some tracking systems even link up to a hotline that allows police or emergency services to respond.

A warehouse should also have cybersecurity measures to thwart hackers from compromising vital inventory data. Such solutions include strong passwords, virtual private networks, anti-malware or anti-virus software, and firewalls. Limiting data access reduces the chances of any confidential information from spilling out.

4. Handle Animosity in the Workplace

Disgruntled employees are potential accomplices in warehouse thefts. Whether or not they receive a cut for their role in the crime, they mostly want to see their former employer fail hard for various reasons. However, handling disgruntled employees depends on their problems and the employer’s ability to solve them. For starters:

  • Avoid waiting for their dissatisfaction to reach a fever pitch; act on it immediately.
  • Keep the dialogue private and just between you and a few employee representatives.
  • Keep your cool and professionalism at all times; yelling never works in management.
  • Lend an ear to their misgivings; sometimes, letting them vent their grievances works.

Good compensation and observing fair labor practices will also keep up employee satisfaction in the workplace. Keeping them happy destroys hostility, and they will more likely avoid participating in theft and malicious inside jobs.

5. Exercise Vigilance

Despite all these measures, the only one you can trust in the end is yourself. Always take a hands-on approach to business operations. Always point out weak points and guide employees as they work. Your leadership can instill them with confidence, causing them to trust you more.


Businesses are more reliant on logistics than ever, given that most transactions now occur online. A secure supply chain makes sure that business isn’t interrupted, even in the middle of a pandemic. In the end, security in the warehouse is everyone’s responsibility.

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