The Advantages of Online Spanish Classes

If you do not have a clear idea of what to look for and where you should begin your Spanish learning classes, an online platform like Preply can benefit you.

Your learning experience is Preply’s utmost priority. Whether you want to study Spanish to polish your Spanish-speaking skills, learn Spanish for a career change or advancement, or you are planning a grand trip across Latin America, Preply has tutors who can help you through all these. You can choose from a large variety of tutors and price points.

Note that Preply does not put a price tag to their tutor’s expertise. They mention their rates themselves. You will, on average, find prices ranging from $15-43 USD. You have a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service you are receiving. Preply’s user satisfaction is their top priority. Spanish is the world’s third most spoken language, and if you want to be one of those people — Preply is a great place to go.

Every system has its pros and cons, and knowing them can help you make a better-informed decision regarding your final choice. The next section in this article discusses exactly that.

What disadvantages are there to learning Spanish online?

Not everything is roses and daisies. Whenever there are pros to something, the cons follow. Here are some disadvantages that learning Spanish online may pose.

1. Understanding accents.

Spanish has a distinct accent to it. If you are a beginner at Spanish, you will find following the instructions hard. Oftentimes, you will find that you need to ask the instructor to repeat themselves, and eventually, you might lose in the learning process altogether.

2. Using a computer is technical.

A previous point mentioned that studying online helps gain soft, technical skills. It can often get frustrating having to constantly check if your microphone is connected and if the other party can hear you and manage your connectivity. Other times, you might face a power cut, leaving any chances of taking classes online useless.

3. No in-person communication.

As a person who is new to learning Spanish, you will notice you find it hard to follow with the course work regardless of individual attention. At the end of the day, you will need someone with whom you can practice speaking Spanish with and the contact hours for online lessons is not enough for this.

What benefits are there to learning Spanish online?

With the situation everyone is currently facing and living through as you read this article, all modes of learning have been forced to shift online. Platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meets are earning a profitable margin as the demand for these software packages have skyrocketed in a matter of a few months. But not all bad has come from this; online learning has several advantages that traditional education does not provide. For example;

1. Flexibility in scheduling.

Learning Spanish online has the primary benefit of allowing you to start your courses without requiring in-person collaboration. By learning online, you learn in an environment that best suits your studying needs. It can be anywhere from your home, an office at a café, or your cousin’s place. This means you do not have to commute to attend your classes, nor does it mean you are at risk of missing a course you have paid for due to bad weather or traffic.

2. Lower costs.

Some Spanish learning degrees cost a fortune, especially those taught in universities that end up making you accumulate an incredible amount of debt. By learning online, you only pay for classes you take and have the benefit of taking a trial class prior to committing your time and money. Learning online saves you from the high cost of commuting and accommodation if you have to stay long-term for a certification.

3. Online learning is eco-friendly.

Some of you must be involved in environmental activities, and if you are, you would know that a typical in-person school uses hundreds if not a million papers in just a day alone. Not to mention when you travel, you expend fuel which releases gases that are harmful to the environment. Additionally, online learning eliminates the need for you to carry along heavy books with you. Moreover, once you are done with your course, you no longer have the need for the coursebook, which all goes to waste. On the other hand, in online learning, all forms of media are shared through email.

4. Learning at your own pace.

Spanish as a language is difficult to pick up and follow. Most schools are not equipped with quality teachers and are lacking quantity as well, which means you are forced to study in a classroom with several students, and oftentimes, you aren’t given any attention. Additionally, you are bound by the pace of teaching, and if you are a slow learner, the course structure will not be changed for you alone. This is why online learning is better; you can study at your own pace, stop a lesson, or repeat a previous topic until you are satisfied.

5. Vast amount of choices.

To make learning Spanish easier, online learning provides users with the opportunity to take trial classes with a vast number of tutors. Each tutor has their skills and expertise, which makes them stand out from the others. With such a variety, you are sure to find at least one tutor that can be your guide in becoming an expert in Spanish.

6. Provides you with soft skills.

Although you are learning Spanish online for the sake of learning a new language for career advancement or traveling to a predominantly Spanish-speaking country, when you learn online, you learn technical skills such as how to install software, connect to a call, ensure your internet connection is stable, how to use Microsoft Office, and how to send as well as receive emails. Online learning also enhances your ability to research more meticulously for materials that you require.

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