The COVID-19 E-Commerce Holiday Boom: LAV Direct Provides an Overview

American consumers have turned to online shopping to avoid crowded stores and malls during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Adobe Analytics, online sales this November and December have been forecasted to reach over 33% year over year to reach a record of over $189 billion.

As a major player in the online retail landscape, LAV Direct has experienced this massive surge in sales during the holiday season. With a membership opportunity that allows anyone to generate passive income while saving on high-quality products at deeply discounted rates, LAV Direct dives into detail about rising holiday sales numbers and why it isn’t too late to reap the benefits of this exciting time.

Shifting Consumer Shopping Habits

LAV Direct is an e-commerce retailer that was initially founded in 2016 to sell t-shirts online. However, the brand has expanded their operations and grown into a major online retailer, helping people experience the reward of having their own home-based businesses. Having seen major surges in their online sales for the holiday season, LAV Direct is not surprised at the global trend towards online shopping. As they explain, e-commerce has become more appealing not only for sellers, but also for consumers.

Just over 306 million Americans have been affected by stay-at-home orders, which has significantly impacted consumer buying habits. According to data provided by Sensormatic Solutions, traffic in traditional brick-and-mortar stores on Black Friday fell by a staggering 52.1% compared to last year. As a result, many retailers with online capacity are offering their best deals online and are either shipping products or encouraging buyers to pick up their purchases curbside.

Increased Online Spending

LAV Direct explains that spending is often significantly higher during the festive season than it is throughout the rest of the year. While the pandemic has left many feeling financially unstable and uncertain, that hasn’t deterred buyers.

In a blog post published by Amazon on December 1, it was revealed that their sales performance on Black Friday weekend, which includes Cyber Monday, helped the 2020 holiday season become the biggest one yet for the company. The promotions saw third-party sellers grow their sales by 60%, surpassing $4.8 billion worldwide. Small- and medium-sized businesses have seen an average of 9,500 products sold every minute on Amazon since October. And it isn’t just the United States; global online consumer behavior changed significantly over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. There was a massive 24% increase in the number of pages viewed and a 20% increase in the amount of time spent on a single page.

According to Shopify, a Canadian multinational e-commerce platform, businesses on the platform set a collective sales record over the 2020 Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. LAV Direct explains that this showcases a real trend towards e-commerce unlike anything we have seen before. Shopify merchants collectively made $5.1 billion in sales from November 27th -30th, up over 76% from last year.

In addition to surging online sales, delivery services worldwide have been adjusting their services to try and meet the overwhelming demand. The United Parcel Service (UPS) explained that they will be hiring more than 100,000 seasonal workers to help handle the expected avalanche of holiday purchases. During the second quarter alone, the UPS brought in 39,000 workers as package volume surged by 23% from a year earlier.

Earn Money While You Shop!

This surge in e-commerce holiday shopping has made it easier for anyone to generate passive income during the pandemic. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the COVID-19 e-commerce holiday boom, it isn’t too late. Unlike other e-commerce platforms, which require you to manage the logistics, branding, marketing, and shipping of your products, LAV Direct makes it easy.

LAV Direct has a membership program that not only allows you to save money on the products you purchase online, but allows you to generate passive income at the same time. As a member, you save up to 70% on high-quality, brand name products including Michael Kors, Burberry, Calvin Klein and more. LAV also has hundreds of products for under $20. A monthly fee of only $39 gives you access which equals big savings for you on desirable products. As LAV Direct handles shipping and logistics, you can earn passive income from the comfort of your own home!

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