The Game-Changing Benefits of NBN on Australian Businesses

Something which we have been excited about for a while now has been the roll out of the National Broadband Network (NBN), especially for our businesses. Currently we are looking at NBN plans in Perth and it is clear for me that this is going to have a game-changing impact on the business world. I have spoken to many colleagues and fellow business owners who aren’t so sure, yet for me this is going to be a winner. Here are just some of the benefits which I am looking forward to.

National and Global Connections

Owing to the millions of businesses and customers who are using the NBN, this is something which is speeding up the way in which we connect, and which will continue to do so. The increase in speed of B2B connections and B2C connections is not exclusive to Australia either, and this is a global connection which is being established that will help us to form better relationships across the globe.


Speed, to businesses, is absolutely everything and through the increased speed of the internet, more business gets done, there is less downtime and productivity is greatly improved. The NBN is incredibly sought after by so many businesses and that is because of the rapid speed which NBN offers versus ADSL. Widely speaking the NBN offers 4 times the speed which ADSL2+ is able to — a huge increase in speed for companies.

Remote Business Support

Because of the far-reaching nature of the NBN, it means that companies can enter the online market no matter where they are located. This helps in two regards: the first is that it enables remote businesses to be able to sell and increase their reputation online. The second way in which this is going to help businesses is that it opens up the possibility of moving operations out to lower-cost areas, knowing that they can still have rapid connections and still serve their customers well.


Whilst this may very well be the largest infrastructure project in the country, which will support all Australians, it is businesses who this project is really aimed at. This is why NBN have a fantastic level of support which it offers businesses to make sure that every aspect of their use of NBN is smooth sailing. There is a 24-hour helpline dedicated for businesses who use the NBN.

Profit Making

Ultimately through faster download speeds and the increased connections which businesses can make to their customers and their partners across the country and the wider world, companies are going to see an increase in profit. This is based on the foundation of higher efficiency, happier customers and all told, stronger relationships with clients and business partners. What we have seen already is that those businesses who have invested in NBN, are certainly seeing that money came back thanks to the numerous benefits which this network is able to offer.

Will you be getting NBN for your business?

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