The Immense Benefits Instagram Live Brings to Businesses

Live streaming might be a relatively newer concept, but it is becoming the in-thing in businesses. Live videos attract much more viewers than videos on demand, according to research. Video content usually has the best ROI, which is why you should try live streaming. But is it as good as it is thought of? In this article, we explain the reasons behind turning to live streaming to give your business a shot in the arm. You will learn, how, by just choosing the right applications and having the proper social media feed, you will easily host a live event and talk directly with your followers. Continue reading to learn more.

It Heightens Brand Recognition

Websites are important business tools as they are what people primarily use to identify and also appraise businesses. It’s easy to inform your web visitors about the services or products you offer, your values, and your brand identity by simply having a professionally designed website. Your website passes across this information without the need for the involvement of a third party.

As research after research states, 90% of the purchase decisions that buyers make begin with a mere search engine query. Sadly, however, many businesses are yet to involve in professionally-made websites.

Even grimmer is the fact that many small businesses get by without a website. However, we live in a web-focused world where it’s treacherous not to have a website. Without one, it’s like you are turning away lots of potential customers.

The best websites are those that foster on-brand experience. Now, streaming live onto a branded website not necessarily hosted by another third party site gives you lots of benefits. You will be sure that your audience is fully immersed in your website plus all the branding materials.

Just imagine letting them in on all the ads, calls-to-action, logos, and text that are all your very own. You will be sure that they will be treated to this in the entire duration that you will be hosting your live event.

SEO Loves Rich Media Content

SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization, which simply means increasing your page’s ranking ability in the search results. If your business ranks higher on the search engine, it will be good for your business in many ways. For example, if your website appears on page 5 of Google, it might be getting just 6,000 visitors per month. But a business that appears on page one of Google will receive a staggering 50,000 visits a month. In other words, it’s incredibly important that you rank on top of search results pages.

Now, one of the most important ranking factors is blog posts that have rich media content. That’s because Google loves multimedia like audio, graphics, and images. Therefore, when you go live, you are doing a world of good to your SEO.

It’s Inexpensive

Hosting a live broadcast on the internet is cheaper than you think. Provided you have a strong internet, a good camera or even a phone, and an active Instagram account, you are good to go. It makes live streaming an extremely cost-effective venture. You can relay live content without paying through your nose for exposure on TV. Through live streaming, businesses have been able to cut down on the cost involved in showcasing their services and products.

It makes it possible for anyone to broadcast a live event. You don’t have to be a big company with a presence all over. Because nearly everyone today has a decent smartphone, the only thing needed before you can go live is a strong internet connection.

If you are streaming from a place you usually don’t, you should check in advance to be certain of the strength of the internet connection there. You will be pleased to learn that several sites will allow you to stream without charging you anything.

Because of its low-cost nature, live streaming offers the best avenue for smaller companies to get exposure and engage with their clients even with no significant amount of money.

It’s So Easy Anyone Can Do It

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to stream from your website. Anyone can have a video embedded on their websites as it is a simple copy-and-paste job. The only thing you need to do is to copy a code from a host and then paste it into your website.

The term ’embedding’ simply means to take content from another place and implant it onto your website. It’s a form of picture-to-picture kind of thing that enables you to show information sourced from other locations on your website. For example, if you plan to put authentic testimonials on your page, you only have to embed a tweet from a satisfied customer.

It’s much more effective than mere copying of text. It enables your readers to click on your Instagram profile. This way, people can verify that the testimonials are from real people, and not just some fake people praising your business. The other content types worth uploading are photos, signup forms, and donation forms, to mention but a few.

Promotes User Engagement

Through live streaming, companies can get feedback a lot faster and in real time. When you go live, you can interact with users on a one-on-one basis. The level of commenting on Instagram is staggering. It’s ten times higher than regular videos.


Live streaming is a game-changer for businesses. It gives companies a level playing field since both big and small companies have a way of reaching out to the public. Whether you have a huge financial might or not you can tap into this platform and interact with your customers directly. Live streaming is a big opportunity that every business should take advantage of. By not doing so, you are missing out on a cheap platform to showcase your services and product offerings.

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