Tips and Tricks to Clean Your Luxurious Rugs

Although rugs will improve the aesthetic of your interiors, they require extra effort to clean them. Some rug materials will accumulate a lot of dust. If you have kids in your home, your rugs may be frequently spilled on. Caring for your luxury rugs can be difficult if you have no time. Keeping a rug free from dust and stains is not an easy task. Some survey rugs are most likely to experience many microbes, mold spores, and dust mites. Thus, cleaning your rugs or carpets regularly is very important to avoid health issues.

Here are tricks and tips to help you maintain a clean and beautiful rug all year long.

Vacuum Often

Vacuum your carpet as often as you can. Do vacuum your carpet at least once a week. This will help you clear all the debris, microbes, or any dirt present in your rug. This will also prevent dirt from being trodden deep into the rug, which would be very difficult to remove. Before vacuum cleaning your carpet or rug, you need to shake it to lose the dirt that is stuck in the fibers. It would be best if you used the vacuum’s suction as the only function to clean the rug. Brushing will damage the fibers of the rug, which leads to fiber shedding. You can also use anti-bacterial powders that are used to clean rugs. It is advisable to clean the downside of the rug with a vacuum at least once a month.

Clean Spills Immediately

Always clean any spills immediately with a white cotton cloth. Do not rub the carpet with the cloth—damp it. Repeat this process until you get the liquid out of the rug to prevent it from reaching into the fiber. You need to sun-dry the rug at least three to four hours before placing it back.

Remove Stains

Some stains are easily removed depending on the material of the rug. However, some need extra effort to remove them. You can use a white vinegar solution, washing liquid, and lukewarm water to remove tough stains like coffee, mud, and red wine. For mud stains, you can sun-dry the carpet and vacuum it later.

Choose Washable Rugs

It is always advisable to choose a rug that is machine washable. This will reduce the stress of cleaning your rugs. Washable rugs will always make your life simple and hassle-free. You can shop for this kind of rug from Lawrence Of Labrea.

Protection from Pets

Choosing the right kind of rug for your house is very important for those who have pets. You need to choose a rug or carpet that is pet friendly. You need to pick dark short pile rugs, which will hide any chewing marks and scratches done by your pets.

Professional Cleaning

Despite all the other hacks, you need to give your rugs to professional cleaners once a year. This will make your rug look beautiful and clean the dirt and stains that cannot be cleaned at home.

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