Top 6 Workplace Items to Switch for a Greener Future

It’s now evident, more than ever, that commercial businesses across the globe need to help tackle the ever-growing problem of climate change — to protect their business and our future. As generations enter the world and millennials adopt more sustainable, economically ways of living, this is one way organizations appeal to the intelligent generation that continuously paves a way for a better future. There have been many studies carried out which showcase the true importance of climate change and what it’s doing to the planet — and an astonishing 76% of millennials are somewhat extremely concerned, and rightly so.

We need to collaboratively make an effort to help protect and save the planet. The smallest changes can make the biggest difference, and it’s apparent that more and more businesses are making changes for the health and safety of the planet. You don’t have to be a big business to reduce your carbon footprint, as small- to medium-sized businesses can do it too — and anyone for that matter. Every step taken towards creating a sustainable world is one worth investing in. We need to lead the charge and be the change.

It’s time to draw attention to environmental matters and provide useful, helpful tips for businesses and everyone alike, so that we can work together and reach the same goal. We’ve included a list of 10 workplace items you should switch out in order to be more eco-friendly and sustainable. And trust us, it doesn’t sound as difficult as you’d think.

#1 Opt for Desk Plants

Switch out some of your old desk accessories that you don’t really need (let’s face it, most of the time it’s just for decoration) for desk plants! They can increase the oxygen flow within an office and therefore improve the air quality! In addition, you’ll be thankful for your green plant friends when they offset any cleaning chemicals which are released quite often throughout the office.

#2 Eat and Shop Locally

Rather than go to the biggest supermarket to get your meal deal lunch, shopping locally is the way forward. It’s imperative that we support local businesses by buying food and drink. This works well if you’re catering for big meetings too, so it’s not only great for yourself and colleagues, but also you’re supporting the local community in the process — kind of like a good deed, if you will!

#3 No Plastic Bottles

It’s time to switch out the plastic water bottles for filtered water. We’re sure that if you were to venture around the office right now, you would spot at least one plastic bottle. Plastic bottles take hundreds of years to completely decompose. To put that into consideration, a plastic water bottle spends more time alive than you will yourself! A plastic water bottle will outlive you, and that doesn’t sound so great, does it? Add a water-filtering machine to your office, as this will allow your employees to top up hydration levels without needing plastic bottles.

#4 Biodegradable Washroom Accessories

If you’re a medium- to big-sized company, the washroom is going to be a hotspot for employees. With this in mind, you should supply a washroom that is full of eco-friendly, sustainable products. This means get rid of the soap bottles! Automatic soap dispensers are things that exist and don’t require any plastic usage. You can switch your usual toilet paper for a biodegradable toilet roll — you’ll find they’re actually cheaper, recyclable and sustainable. They are made from recycled sugarcane waste, bamboo, and timber fibre.

#5 Less Electricity

While this is difficult for many of us, you should either switch to green energy, or use less electricity altogether. To use less electricity, make sure all lights and plugs are switched off before you leave. You can even set your laptop and monitor screens to a lower brightness to save power and electricity. Green energy, a popular, sustainable alternative, offers some of the cheapest deals and can help you save greatly year by year with 100% renewable energy.

#6 Reduce Paper Usage

Going paperless again is difficult, we get it, but if you’re unable to do this completely, just be mindful of what you actually NEED. Do you really need to print off that email that you could just read on your laptop screen? We’ll answer for you, and that is a firm no. Switch to 100% recycled paper, and to go one green step further, opt for refillable ink cartridges as well!

Regardless of how big or small your business is, there are always ways you can promote sustainability and reduce your carbon footprint while influencing others. If you’re wanting to gain a competitive edge, improve your bottom line, and appeal to the generations driving sales and revenue, focusing on sustainability can be paramount.

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