Tumbles: Fitness, Fun, and Profit for Young Families

For many young business owners, the idea of starting or raising a family can feel as intimidating as growing their business, if not more. Having and raising small children is a challenge all on its own, but when added on top of the daily stressors of running a successful business or franchise, maintaining a stable work-life balance can begin to feel overwhelming if not downright impossible.

One company, Tumbles, and its franchise of kids’ gyms and learning centers, seeks to change that by offering franchising opportunities to young business professionals who share a common passion for “shaping the minds and bodies of the future as part of a growing kids’ gym and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) franchise.”

Profit with a Purpose

Tumbles knows that families and franchisees alike are most likely to succeed when they have the resources to help them grow in a healthy way. The goal of every franchise owner is focused on their bottom line, which is why Tumbles has built their mission of fighting childhood obesity and enriching the lives of children into their own bottom line.

According to the CDC, as of 2019, the rate of obesity for children and adolescents between 2–19 was 18.5%, affecting 13.7 million children and adolescents in the United States. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last March, childhood obesity has been on the rise worldwide, and hundreds of thousands of businesses have closed in the U.S.

With two twin boys of his own, Tumbles’ founder and CEO Manish Vakil knows firsthand that how children learn is just as important as what they learn. By providing healthy and safe environments where kids can learn and grow Tumbles and its franchise owners can help kids learn how to form healthy habits early on, making it much easier to do so later in life. As a successful franchisor of seven years, Vakil also knows that Tumbles’ true profit lies in its ability to treat its franchise owners as part of his own family, where trust and commitment are just as vital to his company’s success.

Vakil isn’t afraid of putting his money where his mouth is. Tumbles hasn’t charged their franchise owners any royalties or fees since the pandemic shut down many of Tumbles’s locations last March. Though one franchisee did lose the physical location of her Tumbles, Vakil has promised to keep her on as part of the Tumbles team, helping her recover from the loss until she can secure a new location once it’s safe enough to do so.

Tumble into the Perfect Franchise Opportunity

You would think that a global pandemic would immediately halt operations for a company like Tumbles, but Vakil and his team of franchisees are only expected to grow. Tumbles is currently undergoing the process of establishing locations in Africa and the Middle East, starting with Ghana and Qatar respectively. And because of Tumbles’s franchise-based business model, in which each location conducts its own operations independently, Vakil and his franchisees were already working as a remote team when last year’s pandemic began.

The trust built through the relationships between Tumbles and its franchisees is a crucial key to the company’s continued success, in spite of a global pandemic, and Tumbles’s family of franchisees knows it, themselves, as well.

Michelle and Brandon, a married couple and parents of two young children from New Jersey, have said that operating their own Tumbles franchise has given them “flexibility” in their family and work-life balance, allowing them to plan their work schedule around their children’s schedule or even bring their children to work if necessary.

Brodie and Katie Thompson, who operate Tumbles’s Baton Rouge, LA franchise, have said that before investing into Tumbles, no other franchise or ownership option to invest in an indoor education and learning center for their children “felt right.” Knowing that their kids needed more than screens to be glued to all day, and that their franchise needed to be profitable, the two instantly fell in love with Tumbles, saying, “idea of a place where kids can grow both physically and mentally was just what we wanted, even before we knew that’s what we wanted.”

If you or your family is looking for the best opportunity to invest in a cause that delivers financial returns with a purpose, Tumbles is the perfect option to help your family — and your portfolio — grow together in a sustainable, healthy, and purposeful way.

Visit https://tumbles.net/ideal-partner/ to learn how you can become the next Tumbles franchise owner today.

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