Two College Best Friends Disrupt the Low-Calorie, Canned-Cocktail Industry with Their Premier Brand–SESH from XED Beverages

It was during Zeke Bronfman’s freshman year at Williams College when he met fellow student Nate Medow—and the two became fast friends and roommates. The two college buddies quickly discovered that among their interests would be a discovery set to disrupt an entire industry.

As adult-beverage consumers, the duo realized the lack of options beyond low-quality beer and sugar-saturated cocktails at social gatherings. Bronfman, a fourth-generation beverage scion and budding entrepreneur himself, was nostalgic for the sips of whiskey and gin shared with his grandfathers and yearned to craft a beverage both authentic and accessible. Medow, an avid athlete who has lived with Type 1 diabetes since early childhood, has always had to be acutely mindful of his sugar and carb intake. As a diabetic, he could simply not chug pitchers of beer or indulge in cocktails with his friends at will.

To remediate this cocktail challenge, the two friends went about conducting extensive research; what became painstakingly clear to them was that an adult beverage that met their exacting taste standards and health requirements at the same time did not exist. The two friends weren’t satisfied with RTD (ready-to-drink) cocktails that not only lacked the nuanced and balanced flavor profiles they both yearned for but were also too sugary and expensive. They also weren’t satisfied with fruity but flavorless hard seltzers that were saturating the market with far below premium product.

Introducing SESH—the product of countless tasting sessions—a cocktail meets seltzer that is low on sugar and calories and high on taste and authenticity. After months and months of experimenting with various flavors, Zeke and Nate created the perfect-tasting Gin and Tonic—with zero sugar and only a third of the calories that are found in traditional cocktails. From there, they created three more mouthwatering flavors: Mojito, Moscow Mule and the Paloma. This quartet of delicious, supremely satisfying and more healthful cocktails represent the premier entry from their industry-disrupting beverage company, XED Beverages. Making absolutely no compromises, SESH’s four distinct selections bring the best of cocktails together with the best of seltzers with zero sugar, just 120 calories and no gluten or preservatives whatsoever.

“We created SESH as the ultimate antidote to the disappointments we found as consumers,” said Zeke Bronfman, co-founder, CEO and chairman of SESH and Nate Medow, co-founder and president. “Rather than following typical hard seltzer trends and the same-old flavor profiles we were seeing everywhere, we sought to wed top-shelf taste with more healthful alternatives in adult beverages,” add Zeke and Nate. “Basically, we have created a series of drinks that we truly believe in—and this is just the beginning for XED Beverages.”

Starting in February 2021, consumers will not only be able to enjoy a SESH at bars/restaurants in strategic cities across the nation; SESH will also be available for purchase at some of the country’s most prominent local retailers. These include: Kroger, Total Wine, and Binny’s, and through the digital delivery service, goPuff. At long last—and for the first time—consumers will relish in the option of a better-tasting and better-for-you alternative to beer and cocktails that can be enjoyed by ALL. SESH is just the first offering from XED Beverages as they grow their portfolio of adult beverages that authentically connect with the consumer by tapping into macro trends.

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