Warren Buffet Gets Interested in the Upcoming IPO of ROFX

The Announcement

ROFX is a leading provider of forex expert advisor (EA) software with more than ten years of experience in its pocket. Established in 2009, the company has been assisting traders worldwide. ROFX has more than 50,000 active global customers today. The forex trading robot shows a solid track record of generating constant profits for a long time. Hence, it is considered one of the most trustworthy trading EAs in the world. Recently, ROFX released an announcement regarding its plans of Initial Public Offerings (IPO) that is set for the first quarter in 2021.

The Involvement of Warren Buffet

ROFX’s IPO is the most awaited event in the financial market next year for many reasons. After its successful ten years and immense popularity, ROFX is the talk of the market regarding its IPO which is anticipated to be a grand success. The community is even more excited and there are continuous talks about this on the financial forums because the announcement has Warren Buffet interested in it. His company, Berkshire Hathaway is reportedly going to buy ROFX’s majority stock holding. According to the terms of the agreement, Berkshire Hathaway has to invest $500 million in AI development that would improve the ROFX trading results significantly. Apart from proving the credibility of ROFX, it will also escalate the interest of investors.

Why Is ROFX IPO Exciting?

Before investing in a company, it is important to examine the fundamentals because they help you to predict if the company will perform well or not in the future. It is a great idea to invest in ROFX due to these reasons:

Trading Results

The trading results generated by a trading EA are analyzed to know how credible it is. When it comes to ROFX, if the trading results are taken into account, there is no doubt that the EA is way more advanced than other trading robots available at present. You can visit the official website of ROFX to check its trading results. Another place where the results can be checked is the credible public trading journal MyFxBook. You can get an idea of the capabilities of ROFX trading EA from the impressive results on MyFxBook.

Robust Technology

ROFX is more of a technology company than an EA company. It is the robust technology of the company that makes it more capable than its competitors. The company provides the trading robot with an AI-enabled self-learning neural network. The network updates the robot’s database continuously so it is aware of all changes in the volatile forex market. The EA grasps how the market would change from past references. So, it can assist traders to make the right decisions. Furthermore, a group of experienced traders and software programmers constantly updates the EA with backtested and proven strategies.

User Experience

ROFX offers the ultimate user experience to the clients. Opposite of traditional trading robots with hefty software that are required to be downloaded with a lengthy installation process, ROFX is very simple to set up. You can have the entire setup procedure done within just a few minutes with ROFX. You only need to visit the website and select a package to subscribe to it. Afterward, everything will be taken care of by the EA. As you already know, ROFX encourages automated trading, so, all the trading activities are automated for your convenience. Manual intervention is not required at all. This is the type of company that you must invest into.

Future Potential

You cannot overlook the future potential of ROFX. Forex trading has become one of, if not the best method of passive income. However, there are not many EAs that can help traders as ROFX can. In the post-pandemic era, people are highly likely to pay attention to companies like ROFX that provide a risk-free environment for investment. Moreover, the impressive trading results of ROFX indicate the optimistic future performance of the company.

Fraud Protection

ROFX provides 100% protection to the funds of its clients. Traders need not worry about losing their investments even in the oddest scenarios. The company uses several risk management and money management techniques to make sure that clients’ funds are safe. It strictly maintains stop-loss placements and uses it to leverage for maximizing profits. Moreover, ROFX has partnered with brokers that are strictly regulated. The company offers negative balance protection to its clients. So, all losses produced by the EA are covered by the reserve fund of the company. It makes investing in ROFX the safest and highly rewarding.

The Growth Potential of ROFX

It is believed by forex market experts, financial analysts, and billionaire investors that many companies will flourish during the post-pandemic situation. Firms have a high potential to grow in the future. With all these predictions, nobody can deny the success of ROFX’s IPO. So, we recommend you research this company and sign up for the EA. Not only the upcoming IPO is important, but you also must be aware of service providers like ROFX in order to create your own passive income for a sustainable personal budget. That way, you can always be ready to face any financial crisis.

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