Ways to Boost Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is a fantastic platform for content creators of all age groups, talents, and interests to express themselves. Views and likes are both significant factors when it comes to boosting the engagement of viewers with your channel. The more viewers that engage with your channel, the more opportunities and chances you have to flourish.

So now the question arises about how you can boost your channel engagement. Sure it can happen with a proper amount of advertisements and marketing, but there are few limitations. A growing channel in its initial stages most definitely needs an upper hand or boost. You can get this boost by considering the tips mentioned below.

The Importance of Likes and Views

Likes are a great way to engage and communicate with your audience. Their response to your content should be the essential thing to consider. Viewers can interact with you by liking or commenting on your posts. Likes can help you stay on track to see how your channel is doing quality-wise. It is also encouraging to see such a response after hours of editing and polishing.

Views, however, are the factor that gets you monetized on YouTube. Therefore, you need to be focusing on how you can increase your YouTube views more than likes. A channel must meet certain criteria for YouTube to monetize it: 4,000 hours of watch time over 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. Getting to this point is not an easy task, so what should you do?

We’ve got an answer.

Increasing Your Views

There are multiple ways you can use to increase your YouTube views.

Focus and Work on YouTube Views

You can get more YouTube views to make your channel grow. Working on your daily views will give you an extra edge that will help you in establishing a strong base for your channel. There are various methods you can use to get more YouTube views.

Post Regularly

Another useful piece of advice is to post regularly. You need to post as much as you can at least in the initial stages of your YouTube channel. This will give you the exposure you need to get your name out there.

Clever Title and Thumbnail

It would help if you had a creative title and thumbnail that will grab the attention of the viewers. The thumbnail and title of your videos is the first factor that will catch the attention of your viewers. Make your video titles fiery and catchy.

Video Description and SEO

Work on your channel and video description. This will help you in marketing your channel on various places as well. Use SEO keywords that are relevant to your channel. Be very detailed and put in all the effort you can to let the audience know about what your channel is about. Present the theme of your channel in a way that grabs the curiosity and attention of viewers.


In conclusion, there are various methods to increase activity on your channel. You can boost views by multiple techniques, but the ones mentioned above are the basics you need to follow in initial stages. These basics will set your channel off to a great start.

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