Why Is It the Right Time to Be an Amateur Radio Geek in 2020?

As a professional radio geek or an aspiring one, things look way more promising in 2020. Radio, as a hobby, is no more a nerdy basement indulgence, but an activity treading on the borders of productive. While it is a great resource to socialize and build lasting relationships with new people, the role of radio communication in preparing individuals for natural disasters and calamities is probably the more pronounced one, in the post-pandemic era.

Importance of Radio Geeks in 2020

2020 has been everything but smooth for the global populace. While it started with catastrophic wildfires and earthquakes, the pandemic and other aligned issues made us aware of the ephemeral nature of human life. Besides, in the coming weeks and months, we should also be prepared for blizzards and other natural disasters which might negatively impact the quality of cellular networks in certain locales.

This is why 2020 is probably the best year for amateur radio geeks, as they allow individuals to stay connected even when other forms of communication are either down or virtually non-existent in the wake of catastrophes. Radio geeks can help relay and project essential bits of information while acting as preppers.

Radio communication is targeted, noise-free, and highly secure. Besides, a widespread network of radio units ensures extended coverage, either as a Ham Radio setup or the Citizens’ Band communication network.

Why CB Radios Make Better Indulgences

Although the ham radio hobby is meant for aspiring radio professionals, radio geeks can always start slow and consider CB radio units for more productive short-range communications. Needless to say, CBRS or Citizens’ Band Radio Service comprises a 40-channel spectrum, allowing radio hobbyists a better platform to communicate, prep, and prepare for emergencies.

Not just that—a majority of cars, bikes, and vehicles are coming hardwired with CB radio units in 2020 to account for emergencies. This inclusion also comes across as an opportunity for the amateur radio geeks who are considering prepping their resources for handling emergencies. Although cellular communication is still prioritized by the global populace, the lack of synergistic connectivity is making radio geeks leverage the CB radio history and inculcate the age-old techniques to navigate routes, locate shelters, identify gas stations, and track storms even without cell phones to rely on.

Overall, this seems to be the best time for radio enthusiasts to become an amateur radio geek, as he or she can bring back the concept of dated communication in a more usable, affordable, utilitarian format to suit the global trends better.

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