Working from Home Can Feel Like You’re on Vacation Every Day

There’s nothing like that carefree feeling you get on vacation. You get to take a break from everyday life, explore new places, meet new people, indulge in delicious cuisines, engage in activities, and reconnect with friends and family. Sadly, a day or two after you’ve returned to your routines, the peace and happiness you once felt seem to wither away. While it would be nice to throw caution to the wind and travel all the time, most people just anticipate their next getaway to recapture those feelings.

What if you could feel like you were on vacation every day? Believe it or not, with a few changes to your living space and daily habits, you could recreate the magic of travel at home. Continue reading for some suggestions.

Spruce Up Your Living Space

Whether you prefer the coziness of a bed and breakfast, the glitz and glam of an executive suite at a luxury hotel, or the tropical yet romantic vibe of a beach bungalow, the layout, decor, and comfort of the space draws your attention.

If you want to feel like you’re on vacation every day, you should deck your home with the same decor and style elements from your favorite places to stay. For example, you could give your bedroom a beach house makeover by adding navy blue pinstripes to crisp white walls, draping the bed with plush white linens, and incorporating nautical elements like anchors, sand in a bottle, seashells, and wooden furniture.

Start Your Morning Off Right

Waking up on vacation is the greatest feeling in the world. You’re awakened by the sun peeking in through your window. You get up, prepare yourself a cup of tea or coffee, and enjoy a beautiful breakfast as you gaze out your window, patio door, or balcony at the breathtaking scenery. Afterward, you might take a nice shower, get dressed, and head out for a day of exploration.

You can have this feeling daily by starting your mornings off right. Switch to window treatments that allow the sun to come into the room. Sign up for an online coffee subscription so you can indulge in the best roasts from all over the world. Get up early enough to prepare yourself a well-balanced breakfast and enjoy it while sitting in your backyard reading a book, a newspaper, or simply gazing at nature.


When you’re on vacation, you’re more inclined to turn off the electronics and tune in to everyday life. The same can be true at home. When you get home after work, turn your phone on silent, turn off the screens and just enjoy the moment. Use this time to chat with your family, share a meal together, indulge in a hobby, or practice some self-care.

Try New Cuisine

Eating at home is boring when compared to the foods you indulge in while on vacation. Rather than eating the same meals every day or ordering takeout, why not switch up your cuisine? There are meal kits and easy-to-follow recipes from cultures worldwide that you can draw ideas from. As taste can help spark memories, recreating some of your favorite dishes during your travels would give you that magical feeling all over again.


You don’t have to be on vacation to find new things to explore. There are a lot of hidden treasures right in your hometown that you have yet to discover. While you may not have time to explore every day, try to find new activities and events where you live. Your state, county, or city website should have information on historical sites, popular venues, upcoming festivals, fairs, concerts, and other community events. The best part is many of these activities are free or very affordable.

It would be fantastic if you could stay on vacation as long as you’d like. However, the reality is, you have to get back to your routines and responsibilities at some point. The good news is that with a few changes to your home and your daily habits, you can recapture some of that magic, so you feel great every day.

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